Superintendent of Industry and Commerce assured that Gustavo Petro has not asked him to resign

María del Socorro Pimienta clarified doubts about a letter in which she explains her current employment situation - credit @sicsuper/X
María del Socorro Pimienta clarified doubts about a letter in which she explains her current employment situation – credit @sicsuper/X

The Superintendent of Industry and Commerce (SIC), Maria del Socorro Pimientaclarified rumors regarding the possible resignation that the President of the Republic had supposedly asked of him, Gustavo Petro. Adding to the speculation is the filing of a letter by the official in which she would refer to her current employment situation.

According to the superintendent, the letter in question is a “normal topic” that is not only being used in the entity she directs, but also in others. “They are asking people who are reaching pension retention to report the news when they consider it.. It is a human resources issue that the entity has been doing for a long time. “It is a matter of formality,” Pimienta explained in an interview with Time.

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In her letter, which was seen by the aforementioned media outlet, it is stated that at this moment the official is found in the “right to pension withholding” and that, furthermore, someone close to him has a permanent disability.

He then indicated that no one has asked him to resign, as has been speculated. “President Petro has not spoken to me directly to ask me to resign.“, said; However, he stated that he has received information from other people who have “hinted” at the possibility of asking him to resign.

Likewise, she maintained that she is not interested in retiring from the position either, taking into account that she has been working at the SIC for more than 30 years.

“I am a woman who has an absolutely neat administrative career.”, for more than 33 years and all of it has been in the Superintendency. I am on pension retention due to time and age, which is a reward for what I have worked for,” she said.

Maria del Socorro Pimienta He also referred to recent decisions that the SIC has made regarding the labor rights of soccer players in Colombia. She indicated that she was contacted by the Ministry of Labor to hold a technical table in which the entity’s actions will be discussed.

“From the SIC there is a central axis in which we work and that is the protection of the rights of the consumer and the worker. The objective is the protection of the rights of these footballers (…). I do not believe that making legal decisions should generate discomfort, except for people who have interests that are not correct,” he said in the interview.

Likewise, he pointed out that there is false information that is being published in the media regarding the fact that the SIC would be one of the fees that the businessman Euclides Torres would have requestedfrom the Torres clan, which was mentioned in recent statements provided by the president’s son, Nicolás Petro Burgos.

“That is absolutely false. I don’t understand the reasons for those comments. In recent weeks, I have even read articles in which they confuse me with another superintendent and I don’t know if that is where a network of lies or mistakes begins,” explained the superintendent.

The president’s son declared before the Attorney General’s Office (FGN) that there was an irregular income of money to Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign and that, in fact, the president was aware of these movements. He mentioned the powerful businessman Euclides Torres as one of the financiers of the campaign..

“Yeah. He knew perfectly well that Euclides Torres was the one who financed the campaign. Because I mentioned it to him several times, he knew it. Benedetti always emphasized it in my presence, that it was Euclides who was financing the events and the campaign,” Nicolás Petro said in an interrogation before the FGN.

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