The 12 favorite authors to win the Nobel Prize in Literature: from Murakami to Rushdie through Atwood and Carol Oates

Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Joyce Carol Oates and Mircea Cărtărescu
Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Joyce Carol Oates and Mircea Cărtărescu

He Nobel Prize in Literature awarded by the Swedish Academy It is always unpredictable, but every year the speculates around who could be the winner this year. Expectations are never usually met, and a list of 12 authors may seem insufficient and unrepresentative, but from Infobae We have put together a selection of some of the most legendary names that always appear in betting, as well as some recent additions.

Haruki Murakami, in a file photo.  (EFE)
Haruki Murakami, in a file photo. (EFE)

The eternal favorite, something that will always work against him. This year, the famous Japanese writer has won the Princess of Asturias Award, and practically the Nobel would be the only recognition he would need to complete a career in which he has combined critical prestige with the affection of readers. Thanks to his work he has managed to japanese letters acquire an international character.

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His favorite topics are loneliness and alienation within the contemporary world, loss and the feeling of emptiness and its postmodern style is unique thanks to a universe halfway between realityhe surrealism and the references pop.

Outstanding works: Tokyo Blues, Kafka on the shore, Chronicle of the bird that goes around the world, South of the border, west of the sun (all edited by Tusquets)

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The writer Salman Rushdie after the attack he suffered and in which he lost an eye
The writer Salman Rushdie after the attack he suffered and in which he lost an eye

He has spent part of his life in secrecy for writing a book, which makes him a clear exponent of the subversive power of literature through the combative spirit. After publishing satanic verses In 1988 he had to go into hiding after being threatened with death by Islamic fundamentalists, who considered his work as blasphemous. He was censored in Muslim countries and the Ayatollah Khomeini He asked for his head.

The extremists have never forgotten that, since on August 12, 2022, they suffered an attempt to murder when he was going to give a conference in New York. She managed to survive the stab wounds, but lost an eye and part of the mobility of a hand.

Last year he published his latest novel, Victoria Cityin which he once again showed his irreverent and sarcastic spirit and his ability to narrate, to create his own universes and his revolutionary imagination.

Outstanding works: midnight children, satanic verses, Shalimar the clown

The writer Margaret Atwood
The writer Margaret Atwood

In recent times, the Canadian writer has become one of the queens of literature thanks to a television series recovering one of her most famous texts, The Handmaid’s Tale. A paradox if we take into account the long career of an author who, in addition, has the distinction of having tackled a large number of genres, demonstrating her versatility.

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Furthermore, much of his work (and his life) is characterized by his militancy and activism feminist, for its concern about environmental problems and for its position against the extreme right and extremist and retrograde thinking. He has won twice Booker Prize and has become an icon of current popular culture. He would be a very loved and applauded Nobel Prize winner.

Outstanding works: The Handmaid’s Tale, Alias ​​Grace, The blind murderer, Oryx and Crake, Resurge, The edible woman.

Joyce Carol Oates, Princeton, USA - 27 Jan 2020 (The Grosby Group)
Joyce Carol Oates, Princeton, USA – 27 Jan 2020 (The Grosby Group)

another writer all terrainenormously productive (more than 100 books published) and with a complex work and great intellectual reflection. He has addressed issues such as sexual assault, social discrimination, and violence in all its senses, almost as an endemic evil of our society, emphasizing the way in which it impacts the people who exercise it and suffer from it. Through there, he explores the idea of ​​guilt, revengeredemption and double standard. He has practiced all genres and never leaves anyone indifferent, both in his essays and within the thriller and horror genre, due to his darkness and his explicit formulations. In 2022, his last novel to date was published, Babysitter (Alfaguara)

Outstanding works: blonde, Unfaithful, Memoirs of a widow, The gravedigger’s daughter, Zombie, From boxing

The Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu
The Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu

In recent years it has become one of the new additions to the list of possible winners. He is a poet, literary critic, university professor and novelist and is currently the most important writer in Romania. His works are ambitious, dense, historical, poetic and fantastic. His trilogy Blinding, is considered one of the great compositions of our time. The editorial Impediment He opted for it and has published most of his most important works.

Outstanding works: Blinding, Nostalgia, Solenoid

Jamaica Kincaid in Gothenburg, Sweden - Sep 27, 2019
Jamaica Kincaid in Gothenburg, Sweden – Sep 27, 2019

The author from Antigua and Barbuda and established in the United States has developed a work marked by gender issues, ethnicityculture and social class and, evidently, also by the imprint of the colonialismpower relations and racism systemic.

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It is said that she is the greatest exponent of Caribbean autofictionbecause she has written about her mother, about her brother, who died of AIDS and she has always felt close to her estate. A self-made woman who managed to transcend the barriers of intolerance through effort and talent and became one of the most prominent columnists of The New Yorker.

Outstanding works: a small place, Annie John, Lucy, autobiography of my mother, My brother, At the bottom of the river

The writer Can Xue
The writer Can Xue

The great betting favorite is one of the great representatives of the Chinese letters. His fiction departs from the usual realism to provide an evocative voice full of sensitivity in which sometimes beauty is reflected and other times horror. Nature and the spirituality They are fundamental in his works, two of which are published in our country, Border and Red sheets.

In his memoirs he tells how his family was persecuted by the regime. mao until her father ended up in a work camp and she and her brothers in a re-education camp. She lived in the poverty more absolute, and those experiences would mark his sad way of seeing the world. He adopted a pseudonym so that in his country it would not be known whether he was a man or a woman, given the sexism structure on which society is based.

Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin
Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin

A probable option for your opposition to the regime of Vladimir Putin It would be that of this writer and playwright who has become one of the great exponents of Russian literature.

Its vocation is postmodern, avant-garde, disruptive and its spirit subversive when talking about totalitarianism, but also about taboo topic such as homosexuality, paraphilias or drugs, reasons for which he has been persecuted by far-right groups.

Outstanding works: The day of the oprichnik, Hearts of the four, The ice

Israeli writer David Grossman.  EFE/Kobi Kamanovitz/Courtesy photo
Israeli writer David Grossman. EFE/Kobi Kamanovitz/Courtesy photo

The Israeli writer and essayist also stands out for his activism for peace and for his critical position on his country’s politics. One of his children died in the Second Lebanon War and from that moment his militancy increased, especially when talking about the loss of rights, the rise of ideological extremism, the religious fanaticism and social regression.

His work runs parallel to his positioning as a contemporary thinker. He advocates for reconciliation of the Jewish and Arab people

Outstanding works: Take me with you, The whole life, Grand Cabaret, The smile of the lamb

Mexican author Elena Poniatowska, 91, at a press conference a day after being announced as winner of the 2023 Carlos Fuentes International Prize for Literary Creation in the Spanish Language, in Mexico City, Tuesday, August 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco)
Mexican author Elena Poniatowska, 91, at a press conference a day after being announced as winner of the 2023 Carlos Fuentes International Prize for Literary Creation in the Spanish Language, in Mexico City, Tuesday, August 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco)

He is 91 years old and is one of the great figures of world literature. Throughout her career she has achieved the greatest recognitions of hers. She is half Polish, half Mexican and her work is deeply political. Her favorite genre is Chronicles from a perspective testimonial polyphonic, in which women and their problems acquire a fundamental role, giving them their own voice, as well as the structurally marginalized population. She was one of the women journalists pioneers in Latin America and used that genre to highlight social inequalities.

Notable works: The night of Tlatelolco. Oral history testimonies, Until I see you, my jesus, The Polish lover

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Anne Carson at the Hammer Museum
Anne Carson at the Hammer Museum

One of the most important living poets of Anglo-Saxon literature. From the beginning it was deeply influenced by the world and the Greco-Latin tradition since he discovered Sappho. In 2020 he was awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for his literary contribution in which he reflects, among many other things, on women, primal and carnal desire.

All artistic disciplines are present in her works, as well as all the authors she most admires and achieved massive dissemination thanks to Autobiography in redin which he rewrote the myth of Hercules and Germino in a homoerotic key.

Jon Fosse (Getty Images)
Jon Fosse (Getty Images)

One of the surprises on the prediction lists this past year corresponds to this Norwegian playwright who also writes novels, children’s stories and poetry. He is compared in his home country, where he is a national glory, with Ibsen and Beckettnothing more and nothing less.

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