The Bidens’ dog is expelled from the White House for biting several agents


New York, Oct 4 (EFE).- Commander, the German shepherd of US President Joe Biden, is no longer in the White House and his future is being evaluated, after the animal bit several Secret Service agents. .

Elizabeth Alexander, spokesperson for the first lady, Jill Biden, confirmed the expulsion this Wednesday to several American media.

The news comes after CNN reported that the German shepherd has been involved in more incidents than the 11 confirmed so far by the Secret Service, and that the animal has also bitten members of the White House staff.

In recent months, several of his attacks have made it to the media. The most recent occurred at the end of September, when the dog bit an agent who had to be treated by the complex’s medical staff.

Last November, another officer had to be hospitalized after being bitten on the arms and legs.

The White House indicated in July that the Bidens were considering subjecting Commander to new training to control the situation, but this Tuesday CNN said it had no confirmation whether this had taken place.

Commander arrived at the White House in December 2021. It was a gift that the president received from his family, months after the death of Champ, a German shepherd who accompanied the couple for 13 years.

In US history, most presidential families have had the company of a pet in the White House: Barack Obama (2009-2017) had two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, while his predecessor , George W. Bush (2001-2009) lived with three dogs and a cat.

In 2018, the Bidens adopted another German shepherd, Major, who was transferred to their Delaware residence after an attack on a member of the presidential security.

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