The first photo of Guillermina Valdés and Joaquín Furriel: where they went and how they reacted

Joaquín Furriel and Guillermina Valdés
Joaquín Furriel and Guillermina Valdés

Guillermina Valdes and Joaquin Furriel They made their first public appearance since confirming their romance. Although they tried to keep a low profile, they had no qualms about being seen since they both talked about it and expressed the happiness they have shared for a few months, when they started their relationship.

“I’m very well. Today I have nothing to hide, nor show, and I do it for a matter of personal health and because it is something that I value in people. All the couples I was with have those same values ​​and I have been with actresses: with Paola (Krum), who is the mother of my daughter, with Eva (De Dominici) and now with Guillermina“, the actor had said in dialogue with La Nación when he was consulted about the versions between them. It had been Yanina Latorre who had talked about that relationship weeks ago.

Along the same lines, Furriel said: “We are both very clear that getting to know someone takes time. Today I don’t feel rushed because we’ve been there for a few months now.. It has my same values ​​and I like that a lot; It is important to mark that limit of intimacy. These are times when I don’t know why people believe that it is beneficial to show and tell everything about their lives. We’ve been together for a few months, getting to know each other. I have nothing else to say”.

Then, it was Guillermina herself who also spoke publicly about her relationship. “This is how Joaco said: we have known each other for a few months“, the actress said through a WhatsApp message to Adrián Pallares, host of Show Partners. And when the journalist asked her if she wanted to add anything else on the matter, the businesswoman nodded: “Yes, He is a very good person”.

In the last few hours a photo of the acting couple appeared on Sunday at the play Measure by measure in it Sarmiento theater. Without wanting to hide, since hours later they would confirm the relationship that has been going on for months, Joaquín Furriel chose to wear a dark cap that he combined with his jacket, as could be seen in the image published by the Instagram account @Gossipeame. For her part, Guillermina did not seek to hide either. She wore a white shirt with a gray jacket and jeans. In addition, she was seen accompanied by her colleague Nicolás Scarpino.

The first public appearance of Guillermina Valdés and Joaquín Furriel (@gossipeame)
The first public appearance of Guillermina Valdés and Joaquín Furriel (@gossipeame)

As reported by Paula Varela in Show Partners, the couple met some time ago through mutual friends and also through performing arts. Recently, the actress has been immersed in the world of theater and has headed 39 steps, along with Facundo Arana. The panelist of the El Trece cycle revealed that Furriel came to the dressing room to greet the cast and there began a rapprochement.

When asked about the low profile that characterized him since he broke into the media, Joaquín Furriel assured that it was not difficult for him to stay away from the news of the entertainment world. “When I started working I already had some tools and I knew it was a place I didn’t want to get into. I was able to maintain it because I was always clear, consistent and had no contradictions. “For my life to work outside of fiction, I needed intimacy.”he had said in the same interview in which he confirmed his relationship with Marcelo Tinelli’s ex-wife.

“My vocation and my work are part of my life and outside of that I never crossed the limit, not even when I was in a relationship with women in the middle. And even though there may be rumors now or photos taken, I have nothing to hide. “I was single and so was she, and I have been in a relationship with Guillermina for some time.”, The actor assured that he was in a relationship with Paola Krum – his daughter Eloísa was born as a result of their relationship – and also with Eva De Dominici.

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