The Generalitat lifts the restriction on calls to Rosa Peral for giving interviews from prison


The Department of Justice, Rights and Memory of the Generalitat has lifted the call restriction on former police officer Rosal Peral, convicted along with Albert López for the murder of the Urban Police agent Pedro R., which was imposed on her for granting interviews by telephone from prison, prison sources have explained to Europa Press. The same sources have stressed that the sanction was a temporary measure and was withdrawn once “it was considered that the situation had returned to normal” as media attention on the case decreased, as ‘Catalunya Ràdio’ reported this Thursday. The restriction ended on Wednesday and has meant that during the last two weeks Peral has only been able to call first and second degree relatives, and if he has needed to make an urgent and justified call apart from these relatives, he has needed the authorization of the director of the prison where he is serving his sentence, Mas d’Enric (Tarragona). Typically, prisoners can make a maximum of 20 calls per week to a maximum of 10 telephone numbers, a contact list that they must communicate to the prison and which must be made up of family and friends, including friends. After the sanction was applied, Minister Gemma Ubasart stated, when asked about the case in a press conference, that the prisoners “have the right to communicate with the media and have the right to give interviews,” but that they must be done in the prison booth. prison and in writing, without any audiovisual recording.

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