The job offer that outrages the hospitality industry: salary of 600 euros, 6 hours a day… and only 4 contributions to Social Security

FILE PHOTO: A waiter arranges a tablecloth on the terrace of a restaurant in the center of Ronda, Andalusia, Spain, July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Jon Nazca
FILE PHOTO: A waiter arranges a tablecloth on the terrace of a restaurant in the center of Ronda, Andalusia, Spain, July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Jon Nazca

In Spain more than one and a half million people work in the hostelry. Thus, more and more people decide to raise their voices and denounce the abuses of the sector. Jesús Soriano, known for his X profile, former Twitter, I’m a waiteris one of the most prominent voices in the fight for decent conditions for hoteliers.

Soriano shares practically daily new situations of abuse, mistreatment or violation of contracts with their more than 160,000 followers on X. The stories seem endless. There are many who ask him to broadcast the latest episodes they have seen in bars and restaurants, or even those who request exposure of the situations they experience firsthand. In this context, despite the fact that these situations have been the daily life of waiters and waitresses for decades, the objective is to put on the table the darkest side of the hospitality industry in Spain to achieve to end to this reality.

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On this occasion, the focus of the complaint is screenshot of a conversation between a worker and an employer. Both were talking about the conditions of the new position for which the interested party aspired. This time, the establishment was in Jerez and the employee wanted to find out about the conditions of her new job. So, The requirements of the post They forced the conversation to stop.

The first message encouraged people to be interested in the offer “Hours from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. approximately,” read the businessman’s text. However, the hope of aspiring to decent conditions they blurred cWhen the worker asked about the salary and days off.

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“1 day off, salary 600 and insured,” the employer quickly responded. In this way, the waitress’s remuneration would barely exceed four euros per hour. But the worst part came when the interested party asked about the hours that she would contribute to the Social Security. In this way, the contract only guaranteed four of the six daily hours. The offer was dantesque and quickly sowed discord on social networks. However, Soriano anticipated possible questions and, while sharing the image of discord, he also determined the end of this story. “Of course, the compi has not accepted the position,” he stated.


Precarious work The hospitality industry is fueled by the needs of workers. “If there was no need, these companies would not even exist. Or they would end up closing or paying their employees as they should,” he commented. Jesus Soriano in an interview with The Daily Jump. This opinion, shared by all his followers, further fuels the rage of those who have found themselves in this situation.

“You do not want to work for a pittance, nor do you want the contract to not reflect even half of the hours worked, and surely, you want the days off that you are legally entitled to. They are all demands”, ironized one of the users. Thus, the position in networks is clear: these conditions are unacceptable.

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