The mayor of Granada makes it ugly that neither she nor Moreno have been invited to the EU summit dinner in the Alhambra


The mayor of Granada, Marifrán Carazo (PP), has disgraced this Thursday that neither she nor the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (PP), have been invited to the dinner that will be offered at the Parador de Granada located next to the Alhambra to the more than 40 European heads of State and Government who will attend the summit of the European Political Community (EPC) in the city. Just three hours before the official start of an event that “will put the entire spotlight in the world” on Granada, Carazo has revealed that since the organization of the summit “the city, the City Council or its mayor have not been counted on as host on the official agenda” and she has not even been invited to the dinner that will take place next to the Alhambra, like the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno. “There is a rigid, inflexible protocol, where the organization of the summit decides and, well, we are at the disposal of the organization. I understood that, as ambassadors, to welcome and greet the leaders in this meeting, well, it is a question of protocol and also of education, and it seemed to me that that was the moment where the city had to be represented,” explained the Granada councilor, who stressed that “if the organization of the summit has not seen it as correct and they tell me that “There are no other precedents, we have done what we have understood from the first moment and we are delighted to host this meeting.” THE GOVERNMENT ALLEGES “RIGID PROTOCOL” AT EU SUMMITS In an interview on Canal Sur Radio, collected by Europa Press, Carazo recalled, however, that “the participation of the Government of Spain in the organization of the summit is decisive due to the rotation of the presidency” and has assured that “the explanation that the Government of Spain has also given us has been that it is a matter of rigid protocol and not making exceptions with respect to other summits of these characteristics.” “However, just yesterday, Minister Marlaska, visiting the security coordination center, once again offered the maximum collaboration of presence when the organization of the summit understands that the City Council of the city has to be present. Granada will be present At the summit, of course, it will be the stage and we will do our best to shine and to take advantage of this opportunity as a city to sell the best of Granada, Andalusia and also our country. Fortunately, we are not unknown, but I am sure that he is going to strengthen the image of Granada and, also, of Andalusia and Spain,” he added. In general, the mayor of Granada has highlighted that “the city wakes up ready to host this great international summit after weeks of work and offering a lot of information by the City Council so that this impact on day-to-day life in the city is minimal because “The organization of this summit entails mobility restrictions and new itineraries that affect public transport and restrictions on surface parking, but I am convinced that Granada will show off and proudly show the best of ourselves.” “I have offered maximum collaboration and institutional loyalty from the first moment, it is our obligation and I also understand that in a summit of these characteristics the City Council as an ambassador has to collaborate and contribute its knowledge of the city to prepare a very important device to ensure the security and protection of the summit where Local Police and firefighters have helped the rest of the State Security Corps and Forces but also preparing the city, especially around the route of the delegations, of the leaders with the epicenter in the Palace of Congresses and the Alhambra as a backdrop, which means improving the gardening, decorating the city, keeping an eye on the urban furniture and adapting the interior to be that large plenary room that also hosts the meetings of the heads of State”, he detailed . Finally, Carazo regretted that the city registered “a third day of new delays with only three High Speed ​​connections with Madrid” and defended that this summit could be “a moment of vindication” to demand better rail and airport connections because “Granada, despite this difficulty, is a tourist city of enormous importance, but it has aspirations to continue growing and has leadership, strength, attractiveness and what it needs to be able to progress and be competitive is to improve those connections”, something that will demand “once the Government is formed.” “It is going to be a task that we all have to face together, because there is social and business consensus also in the city and we all have to work hard to achieve these improvements,” she concluded.

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