The two unfulfilled promises of the Thai police to Daniel Sancho if he confessed to being the author of the crime of Edwin Arrieta

Archive image of Daniel Sancho being guarded by Thai police.  EFE/EPA/SOMKEAT RUKSAMAN
Archive image of Daniel Sancho being guarded by Thai police. EFE/EPA/SOMKEAT RUKSAMAN

Daniel Sancho has left Koh Samui prison for the first time, where he has been in provisional detention for two months, to testify before the judge for the alleged premeditated murder of Edwin Arrietaa crime that he himself confessed to having committed after the Thai police made him two promises that ultimately have not been kept.

As was known this Thursday in the program Mornings of La 1, the quick confession of Rodolfo Sancho’s son could have been due to the advantages that the agents assured him that he would obtain if he admitted being the author of the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon.

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The journalist Ángel Moya, collaborator of the program presented by Jaime Cantizano, has revealed in the television space what were the two promises which the police had supposedly done to the young man to get his confession.

Firstly, Sancho was assured that would be immediately extradited to Spain if he declared that he was the cause of the death of Edwin Arrieta. Thus, the young man could be tried in his native country and based on the legislation in force in this country, where the death penalty is not legal, which, however, he could face in Thailand.

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On the other hand, the police have broken a second promise to Daniel Sancho. And, according to Moya, the agents told him that if he confessed they wouldn’t try him for murder, but for reckless homicide, something that would considerably reduce his sentence. Thus, the police explained that they would establish the hypothesis that the homicide occurred during “a fight over Edwin Arrieta’s alleged threats,” which investigators consider to be true. This would explain the first statement in which the young man claimed that he hit the Colombian during a fight and he died accidentally.

However, the defense of the accused will have a very difficult time proving that such promises occurred, even taking into account that the alleged murderer had unprecedented privileges such as being able to speak on the phone with the press or have dinner with the police in a luxury restaurant, something that the Thai authorities later denied.

Meanwhile, this Thursday Daniel once again appeared in court without a lawyer. After this procedure, the judge has decided to extend the accused’s provisional detention for the sixth time, thus accepting the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to be able to prepare a complete report on the case that will be delivered before next October 29.

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