The UN will offer countries a guide to adopt laws against religious hatred


Geneva, Oct 5 (EFE).- The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, said today that the organization he heads is carrying out extensive consultations to guide countries in the development of the regulations that are necessary to counteract religious hatred and act quickly against those who promote it.

“We need to actively dismantle harmful stereotypes, we need public information campaigns that celebrate diversity and inclusive and non-discriminatory educational systems,” he stressed in a presentation to the Human Rights Council on religious hatred.

Last July, the United Nations body approved a resolution that commissioned Türk to carry out an analysis of the causes and impact of religious hatred, after episodes of burning of the Koran in northern European countries.

The high commissioner said that the gaps in the regulatory frameworks of different countries allow hatred and discrimination on religious grounds to become embedded in societies.

Likewise, he proposed that all social networks assume their responsibility in this issue and adopt content moderation policies that respect human rights.

As initial solutions, he proposed training for security agents and the judicial system, for entities or people who fulfill religious functions, teachers and media professionals.

“By this we do not mean that governments are not making efforts to combat religious hatred in their laws and policies, but these must be adjusted (to each circumstance), contain proportionate measures and be applied with a sense of equality,” he suggested.

He argued that in places where laws are based on censorship, repression and discrimination, legitimate criticism and debate can be silenced.

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