The unpublished details of “El Jefe” that Shakira published on her social networks

The Colombian shared with her followers what the recordings with Fuerza Regida were like – credit @shakira/Instagram

Shakira continues to give something to talk about with her most recent musical release, since the Barranquilla woman used her composition to launch new darts against Gerard Piqué and his family. The single, which is named The boss and which he presented in collaboration with the group Ruled Force, It is nothing more than a satire for everything that happens between employees and employer.

Through her social networks, the promotion that the Barranquilla native did for the new single was such that it was expected to have the same impact as her predecessors; However, she has not succeeded. Hence Music Sessions #53 and TQG They continue to lead in numbers with their videos on platforms like Youtube.

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The Barranquilla woman takes over the charts with El Jefe along with Fuerza Regida - YouTube Video credit
The Barranquilla woman takes over the charts with El Jefe along with Fuerza Regida – YouTube Video credit

And although the singer seems to be very well advised on the subject of marketing For each of his musical releases, this time he is looking to take advantage of it in every way possible. Like the different recordings that his followers have made as he became popular, in which she appears dancing very Mexican style in a hallway, with her boots well on, hat and fringed dress.

In addition, he also shared what the video recording process was like, including the moment he began to compose the lyrics of the song in which he defended the babysitter. Milan and Sasha, Lili Melgar. Another fact that caught our attention is that the singer appears sitting on a table, legs crossed, and it is her hands that set the rhythm of the composition, so that the lyrics and musical chords have a melodious sound together.

“I share with you a little of the process we experienced in the studio with EL JEFE”, accompanied by an emoji of a face with a hat, similar to the one used in the clip. But a detail that did not go unnoticed by his followers, in addition to the fact that he was always wearing comfortable clothes. oversize like sweatshirts and jeans, there were glasses of different liquors on the table, to liven up the moment.

Shakira released the video for the song "The boss" alongside Fuerza Regida - YouTube credit Shakira
Shakira premiered the video for the song “El Jefe” with Fuerza Regida – credit YouTube Shakira

And the singer seems to enjoy every moment accompanied by the group Force Ruled, since he danced, sang, applauded, smiled and you can even see that he formed a huddle with his colleagues in the middle of the recording studio. This led to their fans They fill her with praise and positive comments, in the publication that rests on her Instagram account.

Some of the most notable comments are: “So professional, so perfect, so her”; “iconic and multifaceted queen, let her stand”; “the boss, the patron saint, the queen of Latin music”; “you can be my boss and govern me”; “Love it ❤️❤️❤️ poor workers who dedicated it to her boss and got fired haha, but Shakira is absolutely right,” among others.

On the other hand, the interpreter of Acrostic He took advantage of the message to send a giant hug to the people who identify with the lyrics of the song and who through it can shout everything they have saved.

“I especially want to greet those who feel empowered when they sing the song and can let out everything they feel. I want to tell you to all those who have an ‘M’ bossthat music is to serve you, both I and Fuerza Regida, we are here to support you with our talent and I want you to know that I love you so much”Shakira concluded.

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