They arrested the last fugitive accused of trying to rob a hotel in Villa Carlos Paz

A month after the incident, the Police arrested the fugitive for the attempted robbery at the Villa Carlos Paz hotel (Twitter @PoliciaCbaOf)
A month after the incident, the Police arrested the fugitive for the attempted robbery at the Villa Carlos Paz hotel (Twitter @PoliciaCbaOf)

The Police of Cordova arrested a suspect of having participated in the attempted robbery at a hotel in Villa Carlos Paz, who had been a fugitive from justice since last August 28. The manager who allegedly murdered the detainee’s accomplice was charged with homicide, but he is free.

Five weeks later, authorities located the alleged criminal, identified as Alfredo Ricardo Sánchez (57), who would be involved in the shooting that left his alleged accomplice fatal. The deceased was identified as Carlos Alberto Dominguez (40), who was known by his nickname “Walter Arnaud”.

The arrest occurred in a raid carried out at a home located at 1500 Ralicó Street, in the Congreso neighborhood, southwest of the capital of Córdoba. As a result of the procedure, investigators seized clothing and several cell phones that were made available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to information collected by local media The twelveCarlos Paz’s prosecutor who is carrying out the investigation, Jorgelina Gomezcharged Sánchez with “homicide during robbery due to the use of a firearm.”

The hotel manager, identified as Francisco Battig (27), was accused of the same crime, after having been the author of the shot that killed Walter Arnaud. Likewise, he was injured because one of the bullets hit him in the buttock, so he had to be admitted to the Gumersindo Sayago Hospital. However, his health was out of danger.

The shooting occurred in the vicinity of the hotel El Chiche, located on Lincoln Street, in the Villa Domínguez neighborhood, when the two criminals went to the place with the aim of robbing a cave for the purchase and sale of foreign currency that apparently operated in the building. However, the robbery did not materialize, because the manager responded with a firearm.

The hotel where the shooting occurred that left one dead and one injured
The hotel where the shooting occurred that left one dead and one injured

According to witnesses, during the confrontation at least four shots were heard and one of those shots killed Domínguez, who had arrived at the scene on a motorcycle. While his accomplice collapsed to the ground, Sánchez proceeded to escape from the scene.

Additionally, a 46-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were arrested in the case and were accused of allegedly having participated in the criminal plan. The arrests occurred on September 13, where a car was seized Ford Kaseveral cell phones, a notebook and other items related to the case.

Other elements that were added to the investigation were a car Audi A3 which was recovered on September 18 and a Peugeot 208 who was captured on August 30. For its part, the prosecutor’s office ordered an appraisal of the vehicles and devices, with the aim of seeking more information about the gang or its members.

On the other hand, on October 4, they reported another robbery in an apartment complex that was located on Tupungato Street, a few meters from Plaza Belgrano, in Villa Carlos Paz. The crime occurred during the early hours of Wednesday, when the criminals broke the gate of the entrance door to steal a Honda motorcycle that was parked in the garage.

According to information obtained by CarlosPazVivo!, the victim of the robbery, identified as Soledad, reported that “this is the fourth time they have robbed us here in a very short time.” In the same way, she said that on one of those times, they had also managed to take another motorcycle and two fire extinguishers that were in the hallway.

“The way they operate is always the same: they come on a motorcycle, break the gate and enter. Always between 1 and 6 in the morning,” the woman said, pointing out that, this time, the robbery occurred around 1:30 a.m. Finally, she complained about the social situation, pointing out that the bars and padlocks they put in place to reinforce security never seemed to be enough.

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