They ask for three years in prison for the president of Identitarios for inciting hatred against migrants in Tenerife


The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife requests a three-year prison sentence for the president of the Identitarios political party for inciting hatred by calling a demonstration against immigration in Tenerife in November 2020. The indictment, collected by Europa Press , warns of his “humiliating comments” against migrants posted on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on a YouTube channel. The demonstration was called with the slogan ‘Go to the demonstration, let’s save our identity, without integration there is no immigration’ and the Prosecutor’s Office understands that the general population was encouraged “to make comments of a violent and racist nature with abundant contempt towards the immigrants for the mere fact of being immigrants. In fact, an open group was created on Telegram with the name ‘Canarian demonstrations against immigration’ that had the participation of 74 people and in which messages could be read such as “not… not in the Canary Islands, not in Spain.” , not even in Europe, these people spread like the plague, and since we are not able to control them, we must exterminate them”; “the only difference between a Moor and me is going to be that he is a religious fanatic murderer… I am going to be a freedom-loving murderer” or “until we take our grandparents’ hunting rifles, our fishermen’s boats.” and let’s go after them, on the high seas and fuck them off now.” The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the facts constitute a crime of discrimination based on race and also requests a disqualification from the right to passive suffrage during the time of the sentence, a fine of 1,800 euros and a disqualification for eleven years from practicing professions. in the educational and sports field. It also requests the destruction, deletion or disabling of the Telegram group files and the removal of the content of the messages. The trial will be held next Monday at 10:00 a.m. at the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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