They attack with paint the monolith in memory of the PSE leader Fernando Buesa, murdered by ETA in 2000


The monolith installed in Vitoria in memory of the socialist leader Fernando Buesa, murdered by ETA in 2000, appeared painted black this Thursday, as reported by the Fernando Buesa Blanco Foundation in a message on its official account on a social network. The monolith in memory of Buesa, murdered along with his bodyguard Jorge Díez on February 22, 2000, has appeared stained with black paint in the area of ​​the plaque that contains the commemorative inscription, as can be seen in the images released by the Foundation. This entity has denounced that “hate speech is still present in our society”, and that “far from ignoring it”, it is necessary to “condemn it without nuances to delegitimize terrorism.”

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