They found the 14-year-old teenager who disappeared yesterday in Caballito

City Police patrolman, in charge of the search
City Police patrolman, in charge of the search

Isabella C. 14 years old, disappeared yesterday around 6:00 p.m. He left the Santa Maria Institutelocated in Senillosa at 500 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Little horse

This morning, the minor was found by the City Police in Longchampsas confirmed by judicial sources Infobae.

According to police sources, Infobae, is investigated if the minor had left with a young man he met through Instagram.

The case was left in the hands of the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 35in charge of Paula Asaro, who in the last few hours began the search protocol for the minor. According to police sources, Infobae, was investigated if the minor had left with a young man he met through Instagram.

That, precisely, was the clue that allowed her to be found. “The boy’s phone number was searched and his address was detected through Mercado Pago”says a key source in the case. The minor was in the boy’s house with the minor and his mother.

As explained her mother, the last time they saw _Isabella was in the Parque Rivadavia area. The young woman was wearing the school uniform, with blue jogging pants, a dark green sweater with the institution’s logo, black sneakers, and a navy blue and green sweatshirt. She also carried a backpack with a cell phone, money and SUBE card.

“He asked for permission to stay at the YPF which is on the corner of the school. I told her yes and that we were going to pick her up., I always take her out of school. And now she doesn’t show up, she doesn’t answer the phones,” the woman said in dialogue with TN.

After losing contact with Isabella, the mother filed a complaint with the Neighborhood Police Station 6 A of the City Police. According to her defense, the teenager had told her mother that she was at a meeting with classmates, so they had agreed to pick her up at 7 p.m. in Senillosa and Alberdi. When they came she was not there.

“Isabella has also known in another school, in the Liceo Nº 2 of Amancio Alcorta. I also spoke with guys there and they told me that they saw her on the way out. Until 8 at night I have people telling me that they have seen her in Rivadavia Park, six blocks from my house,” her mother said.

“The last communication I had with her was a WhatsApp message to confirm that I was going to be in the YPF, she told me ‘I’m here’ and nothing more,” he added.

Regarding the young man with whom her daughter would have met, Alicia commented: “She He had mentioned this guy to me at some point, who was an acquaintance on Instagram. And I remember that one time she tried to contact him and that they were going to see each other. And I told her that I would accompany her, and in the end they canceled it. “I have no references.”

The news of Isabella’s disappearance began to circulate in the Facebook groups of the Caballito and Almagro neighborhoodswhere neighbors came together to share photos and images of the minor, urgently requesting the search for her whereabouts.

“I ask you please to come back, It doesn’t matter if he made a prank“Nothing matters, but let him come back,” his mother asked through tears.

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