This is the educational level of Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who was once the richest man in the world

Carlos Slim's fortune skyrocketed with the creation of América Móvil.
Carlos Slim’s fortune skyrocketed with the creation of América Móvil.

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, October 4, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), received in National Palace to one of the most important businessmen at an international level, Carlos Slim who serves as president of Grupo Carso, all within the framework in which high-level officials from the United States will travel to the Mexican capital to also hold activities with the federal president. Although the aforementioned maintains a good relationship with the head of the Executive Branch, before being considered one of the richest men in the world, he had to go through this professional preparation.

Carlos Slim Helú was born in the Mexican capital in 1940 and currently it has been revealed that his fortune amounts to 89.1 million dollars; However, despite having so much capital, it has emerged that he did not pursue a professional career in a private institution or abroad, but rather is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) where he obtained a degree as civil engineer.

It should be said that thanks to his performance within the classrooms of the considered Maximum House of Studies, he had the opportunity to teach chair in Algebra and Linear Programming, which made him one of the University’s academics who, to date, remains in the top 100 best in the world. It should be said that Carlos Slim was a student and teacher at the same time until he graduated in 1961.

Carlos Slim Helú studied Civil Engineering at UNAM (UNAM Foundation)
Carlos Slim Helú studied Civil Engineering at UNAM (UNAM Foundation)

On repeated occasions, the businessman has stated that thanks to his father, Mr. Julian Slim Haddad, was that both he and his brothers obtained the appropriate education to manage their money, make a significant fortune and also receive quality education. According to what was stated by the president for life of Carso Groupfrom an early age he received financial education since the money that his father gave him, commonly called ‘Sunday’, was written down in a notebook where each week the family reviewed what it was spent on, thus allowing him to know how his assets were developing.

When he was 12 years old, Carlos Slim Helú had the opportunity to have his first checkbook, while he bought shares of the National Bank of Mexico, movements that he would repeat throughout his life, the most important being the purchase of Telephones de México (Telmex) during the 90s.

Unlike other politicians or businessmen, Carlos Slim did not study a master’s degree or postgraduate degree abroad, since he focused on starting several businesses that little by little would help him make a vast fortune that allowed him to be called the greatest man. richest in the world from 2010 to 2013 by having capital above that of Bill GatesCEO of Microsoft.

Carlos Slim acquired Telephones de México in the 1990s, a purchase that earned him a large fortune (UNAM Foundation)
Carlos Slim acquired Telephones de México in the 1990s, a purchase that earned him a large fortune (UNAM Foundation)

Although to date he is no longer listed as the richest man in the world and this position is held by the South African Elon MuskCarlos Slim Helú is the man with the largest fortune in Mexico and Latin America, a position he has held for more than Two decades and therefore he is one of the most recognized characters internationally.

In April of this year, the businessman who is a close friend of the current Mexican president, so much so that he was even one of the main guests to tour the Mayan Train for the first time, a work that aims to encourage tourism in the Mexican southeast, returned to the top of the ten richest people internationally, a ranking that he had left in 2019 when other characters fell behind him.

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