“Torres Lacal was crazy,” said a witness during the trial for the death of Federico Storani’s son

Pablo Torres Lacal, 55, accused of triple homicide with possible intent (Adrián Escandar)
Pablo Torres Lacal, 55, accused of triple homicide with possible intent (Adrián Escandar)

A confidential witness declared this Wednesday before the oral court that she must clarify the death of the son of Fredy Storani and his mother, when the accused was driving a boat that hit them at dawn. “He was crazy“said the woman, who was a friend of the couple’s Pablo Torres Lacal (55), the only defendant in the case. Although she was not present at the time of the events, her testimony served to reconstruct the conduct of the accused aboard his boat, in which she “I would never travel” for fear of his way of steering.

The third hearing of oral trial for the deaths of Manuel Storani, his mother Angeles Bruzzone and Francisco Gotti, a Lacal’s friend, brought statements that surrounded the profile of the accused for triple homicide with possible intent. His girlfriend, for example, admitted that he didn’t like her “the speed at which he was driving” when going out to the river with his Shark II with outboard motor. A speed as a reflection of a personality, which tried to be outlined during the different testimonies that took place in the Courts in the center of San Isidro, where defense witnesses also intervened.

It was 2:10 p.m. when a woman appeared at the Oral Criminal Court 1 of San Isidro. reserved identity token originally from the interior of the province of Buenos Aires. She was a friend of the defendant’s wife – from the same area of ​​the province – who decided to testify because she felt the “duty” to do so after observing the consequences of the accident in the media. He wanted to do it without revealing his name “fear” to the reaction by Torres Lacal. It was within this framework that he presented himself in front of the judges and the parties without an audience present and with the accused of committing triple homicide with possible intent in an adjoining room.

Family and friends of Manuel Storani this Wednesday at the entrance to the San Isidro courts
Family and friends of Manuel Storani this Wednesday at the entrance to the San Isidro courts

As he was able to reconstruct Infobaethe woman spoke for more than an hour before the magistrates Sebastian Hipólito Urquijo, Alberto Ortolani and Gonzalo Aquino. In front of them he stated that Torres Lacal had alcohol problems and I knew that before the crash had been drinking at a barbecue of his company dedicated to the import of decorative objects. She learned the latter thanks to her friend, the defendant’s girlfriend, who had called her by phone a few hours before the incident and that she had hardly been able to communicate. how drunk he was.

He’s crazy“said the anonymous witness regarding her relationship with alcohol. She in turn commented on her taste for driving speedboth nautical and automobile, and along those lines he expressed: “I would never get on a boat driven by Torres Lacal. I’m afraid of how she drives. Even her partner confessed to me that she wouldn’t do it either. In this context, minutes later and in a subsequent testimonial statement, the defendant’s girlfriend acknowledged that on some occasion she saw that Torres Lacal was walking “faster than allowed.” She also said that she didn’t like “going out boating at night” and that on one occasion she went out with him and “I didn’t like it because of the speed at which it drove.”.

On the other hand, the reserved witness raised a concern regarding the alcohol test after the tragedy. So he told what “queer” that it seemed that the defendant “had zero” blood alcohol after that work event prior to the incident. He discussed this with another friend from the interior, who told him that the blood studies “had been changed by the sister -of the accused-”, who worked as a doctor at the Italian Hospital.

The trial for the death of 14-year-old Manuel Storani began on Monday, and since then the courtroom has been full (Adrián Escandar)
The trial for the death of 14-year-old Manuel Storani began on Monday, and since then the courtroom has been full (Adrián Escandar)

Andrea Torres Lacal, the eldest sister of four siblings, a gastroenterologist at the Italian Hospital where the accused was transferred after the crash – first he spent a few hours in a hospital in the town of Pacheco – also appeared before the Court this Wednesday morning. In that instance she stated that the first time she saw her brother after the crash she found him in a stretcher from a “very precarious public hospital”. “Everything was full of glass, everything was shocked and there was blood on the face. He had clots in his head. And there was no CT scanner there, he pointed out. Furthermore he added: They did not perform any alcohol test in Pacheco. Not blood or anything.”

According to her statement, within hours it was decided to transfer her to the hospital where she provides services. The accused suffered blows to the face and hands and remained in that place between 7 and 10 days, where “Pablo was never unconscious, but he was stuporous: he fell asleep and woke up. She left there with psychiatric, neurological and traumatological treatment.”

He didn’t remember anything about the accident.”, Andrea answered one of the interrogation questions. “I don’t talk to him much about it. The few times we’ve talked about it it gets really bad. Cry. It is not a topic that is transcendent between brothers”he added.

Then, when responding to Torres Lacal’s personality before and after the event, he said: “He was a happy, active and outgoing person. Now he had a hint of sadness in his walk. He is not an aggressive person, his attitude is proactive, he always goes forward. He would never hurt himself.” “The media says a lot of horrible things about him that I don’t agree with,” she concluded.

Federico Storani, former national deputy and historic radical leader (Adrián Escandar)
Federico Storani, former national deputy and historic radical leader (Adrián Escandar)

These or similar features attempted to describe another witness friend of the helmsman of the Shark II boat with outboard motorthat after the crash that early morning of March 31, 2016 against the Mad IIhelmed by Lucas Sorrentini, ended up 30 meters inland due to the speed of the blow. “We met playing soccer and then we built a professional business relationship,” he said at the beginning of his story. Marcelo Del Torto.

“I am an architect and Pablo has a company that imports furniture and objects from Southeast Asia. Our relationship was always very cordial. I designed his house in Don Torcuato. He was never aggressive or insensitive with me. On the contrary, he was empathetic: I say this because of the relationship he has with the people he works with,” the witness continued in his statement during the third day of the oral trial.

At the end, Del Torto explained that he never asked Lacal “directly” about the incident because “he would spontaneously cry.” In that sense he stated: “Emotionally it changed him. Pablo had a jovial, outgoing, strong spirit. Later, those structuring characteristics of his personality began to fade, until he entered into situations of deep melancholy. And she closed: “A depressive condition in a naturally jovial person.”

Throughout Wednesday, there were a total of six testimonial statements in the oral hearing. A similar batch is expected tomorrow. It is also expected that the prosecutor’s allegations Diego Callegari, the complaint of Federico Storani and the defense led by Maximiliano Rusconi be Monday of next week. With this procedural act concluded, the judges will be empowered to issue a verdict on Torres Lacal: guilty or innocent.

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