Waldemar Cerrón: Investigated for terrorism advises the second vice presidency of Congress

Source: Juliana Style

Ana María Córdova Capuchoinvestigated for the crime of obstruction of the investigation into terrorism, has been working since August of this year as an advisor to the second vice presidency of Congress, in charge of Waldemar Cerronbrother of the founder of Peru Libre.

According to a report released this Wednesday by Juliana Style, The legal representative of the group receives 13,415 soles per month, despite the fact that it is involved in a process that is in the second phase prior to what would eventually be a tax accusation before the Judiciary.

Legislators Guido Bellido and Guillermo Bermejo are involved in the same investigation, who confirmed to the television program that Córdova is part of Perú Libre, although he ruled out that “there is a connection” in his office.

In June 2022, according to the report, Córdova held the position of advisor in the Peru Libre parliamentary group, for which she received 13,364 soles per month.

Infobae Peru / Paula Elizalde
Infobae Peru / Paula Elizalde

Three months later, in September of that same year, she was removed from the Commission of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples, then chaired by legislator María Taipe (also a Perulibrist), with a salary that was close to 10,195 soles per month.

“There are several congressmen that we are investigating and that constitutionally does not prevent any of them from working. […] Accused is not sentenced; investigated is not the same as sentenced, we have to be specific there,” said the second vice president of Parliament when he was consulted about this hiring.


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