Was Héctor Sandarti hospitalized in Guatemala? The driver is alarmed by his appearance in PHOTOS

(Instagram: @hectorsandarti)
(Instagram: @hectorsandarti)

Hector Sandarti reappeared in your account instagram approximately a month after the unfortunate death of his mother to share two photographs of his recent time under the operating room. According to the information he shared in his post, at that time he was about to undergo surgery as part of a cosmetic procedure and, although the surgery had not yet been carried out, his appearance sparked controversy among his fans.

It was during the morning of this Thursday, October 5, when the television presenter announced details about a treatment he underwent in Guatemala:

“I once thought: If I ever have cosmetic surgery on my face, it would be after 50 and something very natural. That day came.”

(Instagram: @hectorsandarti)
(Instagram: @hectorsandarti)

The Mexican actor also published two selfies that he took when he was lying on a hospital stretcher, with a classic blue gown and marked points on the areas of his face to be worked on. It was these photographs that sparked controversy among users of the platform due to the actor’s appearance, because although he himself explained that it was a scheduled operation, many believed that an accident had happened to him.

“I was scared, I thought you had had an accident. We hope to see more handsome soon! “Even men do it.” “Very good! Now you will look more handsome, friend.” “May you recover in less time than a rooster crows, dear friend! A huge hug!” “In my opinion I didn’t need it,” were some reactions.

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