What is the price of gasoline in Lima this October 5

Various factors change the cost of gasoline.  (Infobae)
Various factors change the cost of gasoline. (Infobae)

Don’t you know what the fuel price per gallon in Lima, Peru? Consult immediately the highest and lowest prices for this Thursday, October 5according to data from the Facilito platform of the Supervisory Body for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin).

As it continually changes, it is important to be informed about fuel costs.

It is important to mention that the prices released by Facilito are reported by the gas station operators themselves through the Osinergmin Virtual Platform.

Date: October 5

City: Lima

regular gasohol

Maximum price: 18.79 soles per gallon

Minimum price: 16.79 soles per gallon

premium gasohol

Maximum price: 20.99 soles per gallon

Minimum price: 17.95 soles per gallon


Maximum price: 20.69 soles per gallon

Minimum price: 16.19 soles per gallon

The price of fuel in Lima changes every day.  (Minem)
The price of fuel in Lima changes every day. (Minem)

Facilito is a platform created by Osinergmin that allows you to know the fuel rates throughout Peru.

In its records it not only has information on gasoline and diesel, but also on natural gas for vehicles, as well as liquefied petroleum gas, better known by its acronym LPG, both automotive and bottled.

In addition to knowing the value of fuel, it also tells you where the closest establishment is with the best value.

The Facilito platform is available online, either on the official website or in the application that you can download for your cell phone for both IOS and Android.

Different factors are what define the value of gasoline in Peruvian territory, ranging from the international price of crude oil, taxes and tariffs applied by the government, to transportation and distribution costs, as well as the profit margins of service stations.

He international crude oil price It is one of the most important factors that influence gasoline prices in Peru. The value of crude oil is volatile and subject to daily changes in international markets. When it increases, gasoline prices are likely to also increase and vice versa.

It is worth mentioning that the Peruvian government applies taxes and duties to fuels. These taxes can vary and their level can change over time, which directly affects the final price of gasoline.

Taxes may include the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC), which is a specific tax on fuels, and the General Sales Tax (IGV), which is a value-added tax.

The transportation and distribution costs They also influence gasoline costs. Peru is extensive and fuels must be transported from ports or refineries to service stations in different regions of the country. Logistics costs related to transportation and distribution may vary depending on geographic location and available infrastructure.

Lastly, the service stations They also apply profit margins on the price of gasoline. These margins can vary between service stations and depend on factors such as competition in the area, operating costs and the commercial policies of each station.

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