Which is better: Bath or shower

When moving into a new apartment, owners are often faced with the problem of choosing between a bathtub and a shower. Each of these designs has its own pros and cons, and therefore it is important to build on personal preferences and the characteristics of the space. Public news service I found out which is better – a bath or a shower.

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A bath provides an opportunity to relax and warm up. You can fill the bathtub with water, dilute soothing salts or herbs in it and relieve stress after a hard day at work. This is impossible to do in a shower stall. And there is always a shower in the bathroom. That is, if there is a bath, household members have the opportunity to both take a bath and wash in the shower. While the shower cabin is intended exclusively for showering. Other benefits of a bath can be mentioned:

  • quick and easy installation;
  • no assembly required;
  • easy care and simple maintenance due to the presence of a minimum number of connections.

Meanwhile, the bathtub also has disadvantages. So, even the most compact sit-down bath takes up more space than a standard shower stall. And for the bathtub you need to additionally buy curtains: fabric models usually look unaesthetic and cheap, while prettier glass products are expensive and difficult to assemble. And in the joints between the wall and the bathroom, where the sealant goes, fungus often appears, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Shower cabin

The biggest advantage of a shower cabin is the space saving. That is, a shower cabin is an ideal option for small bathrooms. Moreover, among the shower cabins there are very miniature options that will fit into the smallest room. Such models include, for example, specimens with a beveled outer corner.


The shower cabin is also convenient because it minimizes the splashing of water droplets, which means that the housewife does not have to wipe the floor and walls here every day. A curtain in the bathroom saves you from this trouble much worse. Showers are also convenient for older people who find it difficult to get into the bath. Especially in such cases, models with a low tray are comfortable.

Meanwhile, the shower cabin also has disadvantages:

  • unlike a bathtub, there is no opportunity to lie down and relax in a shower stall;
  • a shower cabin is not as convenient for bathing children and pets as a bathtub;
  • the design consists of several elements, which requires complex assembly, heavy installation, and difficult repairs.


As for external features, the choice is yours. Modern stores offer very stylish models of both bathtubs and showers. It is important to choose a design that matches the interior design. If you have a classic bathtub, then it is more advisable to choose an oval bathtub, and if the room is designed in a loft or minimalist style, then a metal or glass shower cabin will look better.

Water consumption

A shower cabin is considered a more economical option than a bathtub. Using a stall, you only waste water when taking a shower. And if you wash in a bathtub, then first you use water on the bathtub set, and then rinse off in the same way in the shower.


But still, water consumption depends more on human habits. Some people take a 5-minute shower in a bathtub, while others spend half an hour warming up in a shower stall, trying to use additional functions.

Care and maintenance

Installing and maintaining the bathtub is much easier thanks to its simple design. The shower stall includes a tray, doors, fences and other elements that must be kept in order. The bathtub is a solid bowl, and therefore its maintenance is simpler, faster, repairs are easier and cheaper.

Additional functions

The bath can be equipped with a large number of functions. A shower cabin cannot boast of such a property, but it does provide the opportunity to organize unique options that are not available for a bathtub. For example, a Turkish bath or a Finnish sauna. Bathtubs and cabins can also be equipped with aero- and hydromassages and lighting.


The following tips will help you choose between a bathtub and a shower:

  • If your bathroom has a complex space geometry, then it is better to use a shower stall. So, with the help of this design you can hide an obtuse corner or play around a niche;
  • if there are small children in the house, then give preference to a bath;
  • for guest rooms, choose a shower stall, since such areas usually have a small space;
  • if there is an elderly person or a person with disabilities in the house, then it is better to choose a shower cabin with a low tray;
  • if you are renting out a home, then put a regular bathtub in the bathroom, as this is a more traditional option that will not scare away potential tenants. If you are renting out an apartment by the day, it is better to opt for a shower stall, since its compactness will allow you to occupy the bathroom space with other items for the comfort of temporary residents.

What to choose

Thus, it all depends on individual preferences and interior design features in the bathroom. It is more convenient to use a bathtub, but after using it you will have to wipe the entire room every time. A shower stall is a more practical option that also saves space. However, a shower stall is difficult to install and more difficult to maintain due to its design features, unlike a one-piece bathtub.

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