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Finland has found a way to prevent migrants arriving from Russia from entering

The Finnish authorities have found a way to prevent migrants from the Middle East and Africa who arrive in the country on bicycles through Russian territory. Fontanka reports this concerning Finnish media.

The publication notes that the Finnish government plans to restrict crossings of the eastern border for the time being or until further notice.

One of the solutions to the problem is the admission of visitors based on citizenship so that only holders of Schengen passports can enter Finland.

Before this, it became known that the Finnish authorities planned to close border crossings on the border with Russia on November 16. This measure is explained by “ensuring national security.”

On November 15, the Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the government had not decided on the issue of closing the border with Russia; the discussion of the initiative was postponed to November 16.

On November 14, Finland announced that it was preparing to restrict movement through the checkpoint on the border with Russia. In addition, the country decided to introduce a ban on entry from Russian territory on bicycles from November 15. The Russian Foreign Ministry expects that Finland will abandon its intentions.

Earlier, the President of Finland predicted difficulties on the border with Russia.

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