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Putin called for stopping dividing humanity into classes 2023

Humanity cannot be divided into “first and second grade, like meat,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Forum of United Cultures. TASS reports this.

Answering a question about a possible compromise on the expansion of BRICS, which already includes 11 members, the Russian leader noted that “proclaiming the exclusivity of someone is an unacceptable option.”

“Proclaiming the exclusivity of someone about others, dividing people into first and second class, like meat – first class, second class. This shouldn’t be the case in human society, it’s unnatural,” Putin emphasized, answering the question.

The President noted that the mission of culture and sports is to build bridges between states since officials do not always cope with this task.

During the press conference, the president also called not to “slide to extremes” and to take the best from different countries.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin called those who impede international cultural exchanges “morons.”

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