Dina Boluarte in Ayacucho: everything about her eventful visit after a year of deaths in protests

Members of the ministerial cabinet announced what measures will be taken against the relatives of victims during the protests. | Photo composition: Infobae Peru

Last January 20, the president Dina Boluarte traveled to the city of Huamangain order to comply with an agenda that included the presence of the Regional Governor of said region, Wilfredo Oscorima. The president expects a protocol visit, like the many she had had in other districts of Ayacucho, but she did not count with the indignation of a large part of the population which just over a month ago commemorated the year of the murder of 10 citizens Ayacuchanos in the protests against their Government.

The activities began around 10 in the morning, when there was the presence of Boluarte Zegarra in the company of Oscorima to intervene in the start of works such as paving roads for several districts. However, the disenchantment of Ayacucho citizens with respect to the president was immediate. Barely an hour after her arrival, different videos recorded the rejection of Dina Boluarte and her presence in the city of Huamanga.

With proclamations against her such as: “Dina murders!”, “Damn” and “Ayacucho repudiates you”; The president was received in the main city of said region with smiles and thanks. Her departure from her event in Huamanga was not only marked by attempted attacks against her; but also for a series of claims that demanded justice for the more than 10 deaths recorded in said region, murders that were perpetrated on December 15 and 16, 2022.

Dina Boluarte is scolded by relatives of the victims of the protests during a visit to Ayacucho (Twitter: Jacqueline Fowks)

However, the event that set the tone for the day would occur a few minutes later, shortly before the president left the activity. From the beginning, the president arrived in the Ayacucho region accompanied by a strong police contingent, which had the responsibility of providing protection in a space in which she suffered from majority rejection.

Confident by the presence of the PNP, the president, who was next to Wilfredo Oscorima She proceeded, smiling, to throw candy and prizes towards the population around her, in the same streets where a year ago the Armed forces They intervened under the respective mandate of the citizens.

An intervention that different reports from watchdog organizations human rights have been considered irregular due to the abuses perpetrated, in addition to the clear excessive use of force with the use of firearms that, later, both Boluarte as the law enforcement agencies have taken it upon themselves to deny.

President Dina Boluarte was attacked in Ayacucho when a woman insulted her and pulled her hair. Video: Channel N

Despite the police contingent that was monitoring the steps of Dina Boluarte, two women managed to reach the president. One of them was Ruth Bárcena Loayza, current president of the Association of Victims and Injured of December 15, 2022 in Ayacucho and widow of Leonardo David Ancco Chaccafor whose death is being investigated Boluarte for the National Prosecutor’s Office.

In the video collected by the cameras of Channel N, At around 2:00 pm, you can see how Bárcena, dressed in a cherry jacket, approaches the president quite naturally. Dina Boluarte, He manages to evade the police cordon, stretches out his hand and grabs the president by the shirt.

In that same shot, and at the same time, a second woman, still unidentified and wearing a blue polo, approaches the president in the opposite direction to Bárcena. While Ancco’s widow pulled the president forward by her shirt, this second woman reached out and grabbed Boluarte by her hair, in a milestone that became clear to the television cameras.

President Dina Boluarte was attacked by two women during an official event in the city of Huamanga, Ayacucho. (Photo: Composition – Renato Silva/Amnesty/Peru Presidency)

After this attack, both women and a driver who accompanied them were detained by the National Police of Peru; However, when Bárcena’s condition was known, law enforcement decided to release her and she is currently in safe custody.

“They killed my husband, am I going to be calm?” said the representative of the mourners after being released by the police. Although currently no act has been recorded that could threaten the integrity of the young mother, different members of the Government have asserted that they will seek to act with the full weight of the law against her; Therefore, an upcoming complaint against him for the crime of minor injuries is not ruled out, with the aggravating circumstance that it would have been made to an authority elected by popular mandate.

The discontent towards the foul against Boluarte has been shared by the Boluarte Ministerial Cabinetwhich, including the Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola, has shown its rejection of the act of aggression, condemning it and reiterating that it is not a fact that they support.

Alberto Otárola’s response to the aggression towards Dina Boluarte. Twitter.

In his statement he stated: “I condemn and reject the aggression suffered by the president. Dina Boluarte today in Ayacucho, during an official activity. This unfortunate event endangered the integrity of the head of state and this is very serious. With violence, we all lose as a country. In a democracy, dialogue must always prevail, and these regrettable events cannot happen. “There is no justification for attacking a woman.”

However, this statement incited a series of criticisms regarding the remarks of the head of the PCMsince various opinion leaders asserted that this way of referring would have been more appropriate during the period of social conflict in which Almost 50 Peruvians were murdered in regions as Ayacucho, Puno, Apurimac, Cusco, among other; more than now, in the face of a hair-raising in the region in which the president appears smiling after having justified the deaths by slipping the possibility that the murders were committed by “terrorist groups.”

This is what the former congresswoman made known Indira Huilca; who said: “Women who lost husbands and children in the massacre of Ayacucho They confront Boluarte—who was throwing candy at the town like the miserable person she is. How easy it is to talk about aggression in front of women who have seen their relatives die due to the insanity of a tyrant. You have to be ashamed.”

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