Actor from El cartel burst into criticism: “People are very naive”

Although he does not agree, the actor assured that drug trafficking is a reality in the country that should not be hidden – credit flacosolorzano/Instagram

Although drug trafficking is a problem in Colombia that has affected thousands of lives, it has become one of the favorite topics of librettists and producers to create novels and stories that are consumed by thousands of people.

But, not all viewers like this theme, so It has been criticized that many productions leaving the country revolve around drugs and recognized kingpins such as, for example, Pablo Escobar or Griselda Blanco.

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Among the criticisms that have been made public are those of the actor Fernando The skinny Solórzano who, although he has appeared in several of these productions, He does not believe that narconovelas are so widely consumed in the world.

This was announced in an interview for the program I know everything of Channel1, in which he began by explaining that “people are very naive” for thinking that drug-themed productions are seen all over the world.

Fernando Solórzano assured that productions like Pablo Escobar are not seen in the United States – credit Netflix

To argue your point, The skinny Solórzano explained that Colombian series that have to do with the criminal life of drug traffickers are not consumed by markets like the United Statesone of the most important sources of income in the Western world.

“I ask you a question, a series like The postera series like Pablo EscobarIs it an editorial from the New York Times? An editorial from the Miami Herald? The gringos don’t even see that.”

The actor also assured that the series are consumed in several Latin American countries, but not in the quantity that people think and added that the scourge of drug trafficking is a reality that still affects the country, so it should not be hidden.

“People say, the Colombian series is seen all over the world, they see us, but not everyone and furthermore that is not a bad image, it is a reality that we have and that we cannot hide”

Finally, the actor from Cartagena stated that these types of productions are consumed by Colombians who live outside of Colombia, but that they are not well regarded in countries in the region that are also facing drug trafficking.

“Narconovelas are a production that is 80% consumed by Colombians abroad and those who are not consuming them are Ecuador, Peru, Ecuador and some Central American countries because they also have the same drug trafficking problem”

Through a video that he published on his YouTube account, Fernando Solórzano shared information that was not known about one of the locations where it was recorded. The frog’s sign, series in which he gave life to Óscar Cadena, a character inspired by the drug trafficker Orlando Henao.

One of the data that the actor shared was related to a farm located in La Virginia, Risaralda, which, although it was not abandoned, had been confiscated by the Colombian authorities, since it really belonged to a Colombian drug trafficker.

“The property had about 20 rooms, more or less, on the upper floor, which was where we held the meeting, it was a large room, it was a meeting room and next to it there was a nightclub. I start talking to the farm worker and it seems that the meeting was held there on that farm and it made perfect sense, that room was not built for the series, it was on the farm on that top floor.”

Something that surprised Fernando Solórzano was the aircraft landing strip that was part of the property: “We walked and the grassland was very high and then I said to the director: ‘Peto, what is the scene here then, this is not the airport scene?, he tells me: ‘Yes, and the plane is going to land’ and I go to see and there is an impressive landing strip, a runway like any airport in the country that you know can have.”

As the actor explained, apparently the runway was built to send drugs to Mexico, which was commissioned by the Lord of the skiesAmadeo Carrillo, to the Colombian drug trafficker Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía, known as Lollipop.

“There was a peculiarity, it was not a runway for small planes, it was a large runway and when I talked about the dimensions, friends of mine who are aviators told me: ‘According to how thin you are measuring, that is a runway for a Boeing to land on.’ , a 727′”.

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