AMLO’s government criticized the freedom of the military in the Ayotzinapa Case: “We are not surprised by the Judiciary”

Eight soldiers obtained protection to continue their process in freedom (Europa Press/Contact/Luis Barron)

The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), criticized the decision of the second district judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico, Raquel Ivette Duarte Cedillo, of grant freedom to eight soldiers allegedly involved in the Ayotzinapa Case.

Through a press release, the federal agency agreed and subscribed to the position of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR) to challenge the decision made by the judge, as well as judges Horacio Armando Hernández Orozco, Juan José Olvera López and Francisco Sarabia Ascencio of the corresponding Collegiate Court.

Given this, the federal administration said that it is not surprised by the position taken by the Judicial Branch of the Federation (PJF), since they argued that in their priorities “has never been done justice” and, on the contrary, they accused that they have dedicated themselves to hindering the development of the process.

“Once again, the Judiciary uses procedural pretexts to set aside justice. “Covered in technicalities, they do not consider the rights of the victims to truth, justice and non-repetition.”

The federal government issued a statement through Segob (Cuartoscuro)

Likewise, he recalled that in the time that the case has been going on, the Judiciary has in the past freed 62 people involved in the events “by arguing that they had been tortured,” in addition to pointing out that they had also tried to free the former head of the Attorney General’s Office. the Republic (PGR), Jesus Murillo Karamby changing its precautionary measures.

“Now, without any legal basis, they themselves ordered the release of eight soldiers accused of having participated in the Ayotzinapa case with the deliberate intention of favoring the hypothesis that the Government of Mexico protects the Army,” continued the statement issued on the 22nd. from January.

In the letter it was also possible to read that for the Government of Mexico it considers the Ayotzinapa Case as a State matter, which is why they announced that they will request the FGR to review the precautionary measures, taking into account the risk factors and evidence.

“Likewise, the FGR will be asked to issue new arrest warrants and exhaust all lines of investigation, if appropriate.”

Finally, the federal administration made it clear that it reaffirms its commitment to legality and the right to truth and justice of the relatives of the students who disappeared in September 2014: “The search will continue until they are found.”

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