Carmen Jordá talks about the unfair accusations she received for an accident

01/23/2024 Carmen Jordá EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

The renowned motorsports driver, Carmen Jordá, has shared with the Europa Press team some aspects of her personal and professional life, revealing some details about an incident that occurred months ago in a beauty clinic and sharing her experiences with harassment in her sports career. . Carmen explained that the incident with the clinic was “something very unfair that is being resolved in the best possible way.” The pilot has expressed confidence that the situation will be resolved appropriately and she suggested it was a case of opportunism. “I think it was complete opportunism,” she says. In addition to addressing this topic, Carmen Jordá has also shared her plans to be a mother in the future, although she clarifies that it is not yet the time: “I want to be a mother, the right time will come, but it is not now. It will surely come.” Likewise, she has revealed that she is currently “personally happy”, without going into details about her romantic relationships. She has also commented on a sensitive topic in her profession: harassment. The pilot has admitted to having faced uncomfortable episodes throughout her career and highlights that these situations are unfortunately common for women in different fields, not only in sport: “You always have to show that you can also be there and that women We are worth the same as men.” However, Jordá has shown her optimism by pointing out that she has observed positive developments in recent years. He highlights progress in gender equality in sports such as Formula 1 and football, and expresses his joy at the continuous progress: “I see a very clear evolution in the last 5 or 10 years. We are seeing it in Formula 1, in the football… so I’m very happy. We deserve it.”

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