Josi Martínez’s boyfriend clarifies intimate video of his strong fight with the influencer: “couples have problems”

Josi Martínez’s boyfriend spoke about the video that was spread on Tiktok. | Instagram @josimartinezzz

Josi Martinez and your partner Roman Lardizábal were victims of a extortion and violation of privacy after the theft of Lardizábal’s mobile phone. After the incident, the couple said that criminals threatened to disclose intimate videos if they did not receive a sum of money. Despite his efforts, the compromised material was published in TikTok where a heated discussion between the two is evident.

He January 14the public complaint was carried out by Josi Martinez, known for his past participation in ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’. Through a statement on Instagram, Martínez exposed the critical situation experienced, pointing out that immediately after the theft of the device the extortions began.

The content, broadcast through the short video platform, shows a scene where Josi Martinez He appears visibly affected, repeatedly asking Lardizábal to allow him to stay with him. Román, for his part, requests that Martínez move away and leave him alone, highlighting that he is recording the conversation.

Josi Martínez’s boyfriend spoke about the video that was spread on Tiktok.

“Get away from me, leave me alone, I’m recording, Josi, let me go, I want to be alone. Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone, please, Josi,” Román mentions in the video. The scene intensifies when Josi bursts into tears and expresses his desperation to the point of threatening to make an attempt on his own life.

According to the details provided by Román Lardizábal, the videos in question show a couple argument and not content of an intimate nature. Using your account instagramconsidered that fights are a normal aspect in any relationship and that both are committed to resolve your conflicts through dialogue and mutual understanding.

“Regarding the video, I want to clarify that couples simply have problems and arguments, we are constantly learning and growing. We are young and we are both very happy on this path we are building together, nothing that patience, love and communication cannot fix. We are very lucky to have people who helped us with all of this. I love you,” she reads in her message published on her networks.

The young TikToker officially introduced his partner in June 2023. Since then, they have been showing off together on social networks.

With the passage of time and despite efforts to prevent its dissemination, it was confirmed that the video of the discord was broadcast on the short content platform TikTok. Following this exposure, those involved have not made any further statements about the measures they will take regarding the unauthorized disclosure of their private life. The couple has reiterated that they are focused on overcoming this episode and continuing their relationship.

The influencer Josi Martinez and the Venezuelan nationality model Roman Lardizábal They made their romantic relationship official. Martínez, 19, and Lardizábal, 23, have a long romance, with a difference of four years between them. They made their union official in June 2023, when Martínez published a photograph in which he is seen sharing a kiss with Lardizábal.

Josi Martínez was a victim of extortion by criminals who demanded money in exchange for not broadcasting intimate videos stolen from her boyfriend Román Lardizábal’s stolen cell phone.

Josi Martinez and Roman Lardizábal They have become a notable duo in the field of social networks. The 19-year-old, born on June 9, 2004, and his partner share an affinity for content related to the field of fitness, fashion and comedy, which has increased their popularity, especially among young audiences.

In September 2023, Martinez expressed his admiration for Lardizábal, highlighting his personality and the way in which they both share a carefree approach to other people’s opinions. “I love that he is also like me, he doesn’t care about anything, not even what others say. I think that is something fundamental and what I look for in a person. It’s good that I found it but hey, let’s see,” Martínez commented.

Josi Martínez talks about her boyfriend Román Lardizábal | Weekly report

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