Minimum wage Peru 2024: CGTP calls a national march to demand an increase in the RMV

CGTP calls for mobilization throughout Peru to demand an increase in the minimum wage. Photo: Infobae/Andina

Salary clamor. The General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) announced the call for a national march to ask the Government to increase the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV), currently set at S/1,025.

The mobilization against the rise of cost of living will be held on Wednesday, February 21 throughout the country and for this they demand, in addition to the increase in the basic salary, other measures related to union law, respect for democracy and collective bargaining.

“We call on the working class and citizens in general to mobilize on February 21, throughout Peru. We demand an end to the rise in the cost of living and we demand an increase in Minimum Vital Remuneration, respect to the Collective negotiation and freedom of association, our fight is also for democracyagainst corruption in the State, privatizations and citizen insecurity,” said the representation of the workers.

The last time the minimum wage increased in Peru It was in May 2022, during the management of the former president and now imprisoned Pedro Castillo. In that period, the basic remuneration went from S/930 to S/1,025, that is, it increased by S/95.

National march to increase the minimum wage this February 21. Photo: CGTP

Gustavo Minaya, deputy secretary general of the CGTPpointed out that in a context of economic recession that affects the poorest families in Peru to a greater extent, the union has repeatedly asked the head of the Ministry of Labor Daniel Maurate measures for reactivation. “At least (the minimum wage) reaches the amount of the basic family basket, which is 2,025 soles; At least there must be a gesture on the part of the Government,” he indicated.

The minimum wage in Peru has not increased since 2022 and is one of the lowest in Latin America

In the words of the former president of the Confederation of Workers of Peru (CTP), Elias Grijalva“the time has come” to increase the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) due to the increase in certain prices such as transportation fares.

“As for the minimum wage, it is unfortunate that they continue with a salary of 1,030 soles and the rest earn well. How much does a minister earn? It is at 30 thousand soles. They cannot earn well, while the people and the working class are earning 1,030 (soles). Who is enough? not even for the ticket. We are asking for the formalization of the work, we hope that it can be regularized. In it National Labor Council They never admitted, they always said the same thing, ‘that it can’t be done’, but they have never accepted. I think now the time has come,” he said on RPP.

The position of the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras has been emphatic. “Without growth there can be no adjustments” to the minimum wage. For the head of the MEF, two vital conditions are required to realize the demand of the working class, because the economic terrain is the least auspicious.

“With regard to the RMV, there must be consensus and without growth there can be no adjustments to this variable. The idea is that since this year is going to be a year of recovery, what we hope is that when the economy starts to grow again and when we have robust news, we can, through consensus, reach a solution,” said Contreras Miranda. in a previous press conference.

The president of the Single Central of Workers (CUT), Julio Cesar Bazánpoints out that the increase in the minimum wage is several years late and it needs to be adjusted to the cost of the basic consumer basket.

Furthermore, he estimates that the current minimum wage set in S/1,025 (equivalent to approximately US$280 at the current exchange rate), to bring income closer to the requirements of the basic family basket. That is, according to this union center, The minimum remuneration must be increased to at least S/2,050.

Peru registers one of the lower minimum wages in Latin America in the year 2024, ranking fourth in the region with a minimum salary of 1,025 soles (equivalent to around $277).

Evolution of the increase in the Minimum Living Remuneration (RMV) in the last 10 years. Photo: Preparation Aarón Ramos/Infobae

The investigation, carried out by the portal Statistareveals the lack of updating in the RMV of Peruvian workers, a fact that contrasts with what is applied in other neighboring countries such as Mexicowhere progressive increases have been implemented.

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