Peruvian team announced friendlies against rivals from Central America: day, time and place of the duels on FIFA date

The Peruvian team confirmed friendlies against two Concacaf rivals for March.

The peruvian team It has not yet had its debut under the command of coach Jorge Fossati. And the Uruguayan took over after Juan Reynoso left his position after the draw at home against Venezuela on date 6 of the South American Qualifiers heading to the 2026 World Cup in North America. In that sense, the coach will have his debut against two rivals of the Concacafwhich were confirmed with day, time and place.

Through its social networks, the Peruvian Football Federation announced that the ‘bicolor’ They will face Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic on the FIFA date in March. “Our beautiful love is back, the two-color is back! Along with the best fans, we will face Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic”, indicated the publication.

According to the post, the first clash with the ‘blues and whites’ It will be played on Friday, March 22 at 8:30 p.m., while against the Dominicans it will be on Tuesday the 26th in the same time slot. It is important to mention that the two matches will take place in the city of Lima, pending the setting of the scenario.

Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic will be Peru’s rivals in the March friendlies due to FIFA dates. – credits: FPF

The National Stadium, home of the peruvian team, will not be enabled for those days, since there will be a concert on March 20, so until the day of the duel with the Nicaraguans, the field would not be in optimal conditions. In this way, from the FPF They contemplate that the matches will be played at the Monumental stadium or at the Alejandro Villanueva, in the absence of official confirmation.

It was public knowledge that the ‘white-red’ was close to closing agreements to play against Italy and Guatemala in the United States in March. However, Jorge Fossati He pointed out that one of the reasons why these possibilities were cut short was due to commercial issues.

One of the reasons why we decided that those games (against Italy and Guatemala) were not going to be played was due to contract issues in the United States. We want to optimize times and we have even rejected other invitations from very distant places, one of them was China,” he commented in an interview for Fútbol en América.

In the same way, it happened because those opponents were moving away from the profile that the coach was looking for in order to face the Copa América. “It is not because of an issue of idiosyncrasy, but the issue is knowing what we are working for and at this moment we are thinking, in the short or medium term, There is the Copa América, where you play against South Americans and/or a rival from Central America. And then, the great goal that is the Qualifiers. Neither Asians, Africans nor Europeans participate there. My idea is that, regardless of the continent, they are teams with characteristics similar to what we are going to face,” he added.

Jorge Fossati revealed where the March friendlies will be played.

However, in the event that the peruvian team get the ticket to the 2026 World Cup, the ‘Skinny’ He did not rule out asking for rivals from Europe or Asia, considering the diversity of teams in this event.


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