Sergio Berni: “I am much tougher than Milei and Patricia Bullrich”

Sergio Berni, senator of the province of Buenos Aires and former Buenos Aires Minister of Security

He provincial senator and former Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Bernispoke out this Tuesday about the murder of Ummathe daughter of the minister’s custodian Patricia Bullrichpointed out the lack of treatment of police reform and celebrated the measures carried out by the national government in matters of security.

“It is no coincidence that I am now occupying the position of provincial senator, and I did it to carry out important reforms at the legislative level. Reforms that to date Today it is inexplicable, after everything we are experiencing, that they do not even join the discussion table”, he assured in communication with Radio 10.

Regarding this, he added: “I am glad that some political sectors, seen as hard-line or extreme right, are discussing the problem from a legislative point of view, to bring about reforms. It is not difficult to end this scourge because we are talking about a crime with absolute precariousness. If not, notice that The police of the province of Buenos Aires are the ones that solve their homicides the fastest”.

It is not common for a police force to have identified the criminals in less than two hours.. When that happens it is because we are facing a very important precarious nature of the crime, and if it does not end it is because there is no legislative coherence when it comes to having to pose this dilemma,” Berni explained.

“I celebrate, whether you like it or not, that a minister of this national government (for Mariano Cúneo LibaronaMinister of Justice) put on the table the discussion of the problems to prevent criminals of this ilk are free. AND I am much tougher than Bullrich and Milei, but not because we are having a competition of who is tougher. But reality demands that a criminal, if he does not prevent it in time, ends in the murder of a nine-year-old girl.”

The video of the attempted robbery in which Umma, the daughter of Patricia Bullrich’s custodian, was shot

Likewise, the former Buenos Aires Security Minister spoke about the recidivism of criminals and how to address it. “A criminal cannot be a repeat offender.a criminal must be released, not only when his sentence ends, but when he is in a position to provide himself, with the work he did in prison, with an electronic surveillance system. Today we have surveillance for everything, except for criminals“, held.

“It is unacceptable that in Argentina, a country that does not have cultural problems, that does not have racial or religious problems, that we are going through this situation. When we have the tools to end this scourge. It is unacceptable,” Berni added.

Given this, he added: “There is no doubt that prevention is lacking. The problem in Argentina is that crime was approached with a purely police perspective, and that is where from the ideological and imperative point of view we are entering into a fallacy. The crime problem in Argentina is not a police problem, and I say this because everyone believes that it can be solved with more patrol cars and more police. And this problem exceeds the police problem and has to do with make decisions so that these things do not recur”.

“We have two types of prevention, one is to work in the place where crime occurs, because it goes hand in hand with exclusion, where there is no policy for the presence of social activity. And later, when a man begins to commit a crime, the criminal system has to be there, not only to prosecute him. You cannot leave until you are completely resocialized and until you have electronic control and monitoring.“explained the provincial senator.

In addition, Berni emphasized the level of crimes committed in the province of Buenos Aires. “We are not talking about a sophisticated crime, we are talking about kids who don’t even have anywhere to hide when they commit a crime. We are not facing a problem that has no solution. That’s why I am glad that there is a Government that brings the issue to the table and I am going to accompany it because I am a promoter“, said.

Berni took aim at the Buenos Aires Government for “crashing” the police reform project (Gustavo Gavotti)

“If you listen to audios of mine from 2013, it said ‘foreigner who commits a crime, must be deported‘. Ten years passed and it was never discussed,” he stated.

And he pointed out against the officials who face the security problem. “The progressive governments, when it comes to them, I can assure you that their speech is much more right-wing, they almost ask for the death penalty.. It is a hypocrisy that this is an ideological issue, it is almost laxity, of not discussing because the police are responsible for everything,” she exclaimed.

In fact, he also held municipal governments responsible for the level of participation they have. “The municipalities ask and ask, but they do not take responsibility. Many of those who talk about the local police, There were mayors who shelved the police reform project”Berni stated.

And he concluded: “The Chamber of Senators of the province of Buenos Aires shelved the police reform project. I am not going to allow the lieutenant governor (Verónica Magario) to do it. I am a senator from the province of Buenos Aires and I came to discuss all the police reforms that the lieutenant governor puts in a drawer”.

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