Strike in Argentina affects Peruvians: advice if you travel (consulate telephone number, precautions and operating airlines)

Labor unions announced that they will paralyze their functions in rejection of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) and other actions by President Javier Milei. (Migrations)

The announced general strike in Argentinasummoned in rejection of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) Yet the omnibus law of the president Javier Milei, has not gone unnoticed by the Peruvian community, mainly by those who were scheduled to travel to that country on Wednesday, January 24. The situation has been causing annoyance and discomfort in numerous compatriots, who will be forced to reschedule or advance their flight.

The recommendation is to contact your airlinewhether by phone call, messages WhatsApp or mail, to be clear about how you will proceed with the protest and the options and facilities that will be provided. Some have already communicated all this information on their social networks, so it is also important to be attentive to the platforms Facebook, Twitter (now called X) and Instagram.

SKY Airline Peru, for example, has already spoken out through its digital channels to provide solutions to Peruvian passengers who had planned trips for the next Wednesday the 24th. They reported that they enabled a Protection Plan so that its passengers to and from Argentina are not harmed by the strike.

This January 24 there will be a general strike of activities in Argentina.

“With the aim of supporting our passengers in the face of General stoppage of activities scheduled for January 24 in Argentina; We inform that we have enabled a Protection Plan by which our passengers with a flight for that day to and from Argentina may request: change of flight date without penalty or refund of their ticket,” he said. SKY Peru.

Regarding the change of flight date without penalty or fare difference, it applies to travel from Sunday, January 21 to 12 months after the original date of travel. Or, in any case, you can choose to return the ticket as a voucher or to the same means of payment, at the discretion of the passenger.

“At SKY we are working to mitigate the impacts of this event beyond our control and which affects our company, and we already regret the inconvenience it may cause to our passengers. Thank you for your understanding,” he added.

Statement from SKY Peru to Peruvian users.

In the last few hours, a large part of the airline companies announced the changes that they will apply to the flights corresponding to that day and among the firms that communicated modifications are American Airlines, Avianca and JetSmart. In some cases, they decided to cancel the flight scheduled for the day of the strike and in others they have applied change of schedules for their services corresponding to the early morning of January 25.

A no less important piece of information is to always have the contact number of the Consulate General of Peru in Buenos Aires. According to the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsthe phone is 0054 11 4341-0006 and the emergency one: 0054911 5141-8249 (In this you receive calls and messages on Whatsapp only in cases of emergencies. Queries are not answered or appointments are coordinated). The email is [email protected]. On the institution’s website, the following hours of operation appear: Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Daniel Catalano from ATE on the Government’s measure regarding the CGT strike on January 24

The protest was prompted by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and was quickly endorsed by the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), which houses the unions of the Railway Union, the Automotive Tram Union (UTA), Taxis, Truck Drivers, Dredging and Beaconing, Roads, Tolls and Aeronautics. That is, the general strike will affect the ground and air service throughout the country for 12 hours.

“We remember that the strike of January 24 is a measure of force that seeks make our demands visible and fight for our rights“, indicated the Aeronautical Personnel Association (APA)which represents “commercial and civil aviation workers in airports, offices, factories and aero workshops.”

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