The BNG sees left-wing parties that “are stagnating” or that they are not going to have seats and asks to concentrate the vote

12/18/2022 The national spokesperson for the BNG, Ana Pontón, intervenes in the protest called by her party against the price increase, on December 18, 2022, in Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia, (Spain). The Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) has called on all Galicians to mobilize, take to the streets and put social pressure so that “once again they are not the ones who have the least to pay for this crisis.” Some essential products have had increases in Spain that exceed 40%. Flour, butter and sugar reached increases of 37.8%, 34.1% and 43% year-on-year in October, respectively. POLITICS Álvaro Ballesteros – Europa Press

The BNG deputy in Congress, Néstor Rego, considers that, before the Galician elections on February 18, there are parties on the left that “stagnate”, in reference to the PSdeG, and others that are not going to enter the the Parliament, in a veiled reference to Sumar and Podemos, which is why it has asked to concentrate the ballots in the nationalist formation to “not lose votes” and not risk the change in the Xunta. At a press conference in Congress, Rego pointed out that “there is already an immense majority of Galician society that wants change” in the Xunta and that the PP “is far away” from the 50% that would ensure an absolute majority, so considers that “change is perfectly possible if no one who wants it stays at home.” Now, he believes that it is important “that no vote for change is lost” and, therefore, he appeals to the left to concentrate their support on the BNG, “which is the force best placed to lead this political transformation in our country.” “. “The PP is falling, it is on the decline, and the polls place it on the limit of an absolute majority, while the BNG is the force that is rising compared to other political forces that are stagnating or that are going to have difficulties and probably will not achieve representation – he explained -. To that extent our concern is that votes for change are not lost due to lack of representation and this is achieved by concentrating that vote in the BNG.”

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