“The champion of freedom”: AMLO attacks Carmen Aristegui for reporting on the NAIM debt

General view shows parts of the flight terminal structure at an abandoned construction site. (Photo: Reuters)

Once again, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, attacked the journalist Carmen Aristegui, who presented the second part of a report that he named “AMLO’s great whim”which focuses on the issue of resource diversions to pay for the cancellation of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

According to Aristegui’s workwhich he presented during his news program on Radio Centro, is an investigation in which he revealed that the cancellation of the NAIM It will cost passengers at the Mexico City International Airport an approximate amount of 196,350 million pesos, according to the report presented by the journalist.

Given this, AMLO reiterated that he is not concerned about what some communicators say, who according to him are against him and called Carmen Aristegui “champion of freedom.”

The journalist presented a work related to the cancellation of the NAIM. (Photo: EFE/Fernando Alvarado)

“If we were covering up, if we were not acting with principles, I would be worried about the report of the champion of freedom.”

When leading his traditional morning conference, AMLO insisted that everything is clear and that one of the things that led to the cancellation of the NAIM is the unstable area in which it is located, since he planned to continue its construction in Lake Texcoco, which is why which the Tabasco politician said is located in a muddy area.

“We saved a lot, imagine how much we were going to spend just on pure maintenance.”

According to the journalist’s investigations, the López Obrador government has diverted resources from the tax known as the Airport Use Fee (TUA) that is charged to travelers in order to pay the debt left by the cancellation of the Texcoco Airport.

A person walks through the Mexico City International Airport. (Photo: Facebook)

The communicator’s report detailed that: “The debt that is being paid with the money charged to passengers for the use of the facilities (TUA), is configured for a capital of 4.2 billion dollars plus interest.

He explained that the 196 billion is equivalent to 130 years of the budget programmed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit for the capital’s airport itself for 2024.

In addition, experts on the matter, who were consulted by Aristegui Noticias, expressed that the public servants who make up the Board of Directors of the Mexico City Airport Group (GACM), could be judged for compromising the payment of the AICM TUA, for end the debt of the NAIM’s cinnamon work, instead of using the accumulated resources to improve the most important air base in the country.

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