The CRTVG invites PP, BNG, PSdeG, Sumar and Podemos to a debate on February 5 without Vox, which is going to appeal

01/22/2024 From left to right: candidates Alfonso Rueda (PP), Ana Pontón (BNG), José Ramón Gómez Besteiro (PSdeG), Marta Lois (Sumar) and Isabel Faraldo (Vamos). SPAIN EUROPE GALICIA AUTONOMIES POLITICS

The Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG) has invited the candidates of PP, BNG, PSdeG, Sumar and Podemos for the Presidency of the Xunta to participate in an electoral debate next Tuesday, February 5, in its studios in San Marcos , in Santiago. The debate ahead of the February 18 elections is planned for five and leaves out Vox, which plans to appeal this decision, according to party sources confirmed to Europa Press. The reason is that Vox did not overcome the barrier of 5% of the vote in any of the electoral contests held since 2020. Nor is Democracia Ourensana (DO), the party of the mayor of Ourense, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, invited, which only attends 18F for this province. The CRTVG considers the five formations already mentioned because, as it argues in a statement, they are the “most representative” of the Community, based on the criteria endorsed by the Electoral Board of Galicia in an agreement issued on Saturday, January 20, after from a query made by Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). Specifically, the candidates from PP (Alfonso Rueda), BNG (Ana Pontón) and PSdeG (José Ramón Gómez Besteiro) are invited by the CRTVG as they are the three groups represented in the Galician Parliament after the regional elections of July 2020. Likewise, the candidates from Sumar (Marta Lois) and Podemos (Isabel Faraldo) will attend as a “significant political group” because in subsequent elections – the general elections of July 23, 2023 – they did obtain a “significant” percentage of the vote . In fact, these two parties ran in last year’s state elections as a coalition and won two seats: one for A Coruña and another for Pontevedra. The debate will be at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 5 in the renovated studio 300 of San Marcos. The moderators will be the editor-in-chief, Marta Darriba, and the deputy director of the Information and Documentation Area of ​​the CRTVG, Alejandro López. According to the Corporation, the debate will consist of three thematic blocks that will be structured as follows: a first on economic and budgetary policies, in which employment, industry and ecological transition will be discussed; a second on social policies and financing of well-being, which includes education, health, equality and language; and a third about the institutional model to talk about pacts, governance and the voice of Galicia in the State. This Monday, the five candidates received a formal invitation signed by the general director of the CRTVG, Alfonso Sánchez Izquierdo. In this letter, to which Europa Press has had access, he invites the parties to designate one or two representatives for a preparatory meeting for the debate that will be held in San Marcos this Friday, the 26th, at 4:30 p.m. RTVE CONSULTATION The Electoral Board issued an agreement on Saturday after Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) consulted them on how it should treat Sumar and Podemos in its 18F coverage plan, because they had attended the general elections in a coalition. RTVE understood, based on an instruction from 2011, that both formations are a “significant political group” because “in recent electoral processes” they obtained more than 5% of the valid vote. On July 23, the Sumar coalition obtained 10.92% in the total of the four Galician provinces. Radiotelevisión Española argues that the percentage that this candidacy jointly obtained should be divided in half, with 5.46% each. Specifically, it considers that there were two parts in the coalition that are now divided: on the one hand, Sumar’s candidacy inherits what corresponds to Esquerda Unida and Equo – Movemento Sumar Galicia is considered to be a newly created party, which officially registered as such on December 13, 2023–; and, on the other, the Podemos candidacy inherits the part of Podemos and Alianza Verde. THE 5% BARRIER LEAVES VOX OUT After this consultation, the Electoral Board of Galicia shows its “acquiescence” to the criteria formulated by RTVE and, based on this, the CRTVG now understands that it must invite not only the three forces with current representation in Parliament – PP, BNG and PSdeG – but also Sumar and Podemos for being “significant” parties. What’s more, the regional body explains in a statement that it did not invite more parties because in the elections after the 2020 regional elections there were none that exceeded 5% of the vote. This leaves Vox out because, although the debate from four years ago did attend, in the 2023 general elections that are taken as a reference it obtained 4.79% in Galicia. Sources from this formation, whose candidate for the Xunta is Álvaro Díaz-Mella from Vigo, confirm to Europa Press that they will appeal this decision. In the case of DO, Jácome’s party that managed to win the municipal elections held in May 2023 in Ourense, it only appears in this province and did not attend the general elections. It is worth remembering that the debate organized by the TVG four years ago, for the last Galicians, was seven: PP, BNG, PSdeG, Galicia en Común-Anova Mareas, Marea Galeguista, Ciudadanos and Vox. MEETING OF PARTIES THIS TUESDAY Apart from the proposals that have come from the CRTVG and other media outlets, this Tuesday a meeting is planned at noon at the Puerta del Camino hotel in Compostela in which the campaign managers and leaders of several parties They will analyze the situation of the electoral debates prior to February 18. Initially, the PPdeG had contacted BNG, PSdeG and Sumar, understanding that they were the ones who obtained representation in the last general elections. The Socialists had put the date of the 23rd on the table, which was accepted by the Popular Party, and sources from the different parties confirmed their intention to attend. Sources consulted by Europa Press have confirmed that, once the electoral board has ruled, the popular ones have chosen to also invite Podemos. RTVE COVERAGE The question that RTVE raised to the Electoral Board, and that later served as a basis for the CRTVG to raise its debate, was about how it should treat Sumar and Podemos in its coverage plan for 18F. Thus, as RTVE attributes to each party the same percentage of the vote in the 2023 general elections – 5.46% -, it believes that it should adopt another criterion to establish the times and order in which the interviews should be carried out, among other aspects. In this sense, Radiotelevisión Española has taken into account the result of the regional elections of July 12, 2020, in which this political space participated jointly under the name Galicia en Común-Anova Mareas. This coalition included Podemos, Esquerda Unida and Anova, a nationalist formation that in 2024 has refused to attend and will ask for the vote for the BNG. Equo, for his part, had appeared alone. Galicia en Común-Anova Mareas was left out of Parliament in 2020 with 51,630 votes that RTVE considers that, for the purposes of its information plan for this year’s elections, they should be distributed among three in equal parts, at a rate of 17,210 votes each , between Podemos, Sumar – heir to Esquerda Unida – and Anova. However, Radiotelevisión Española has decided that it is going to dedicate more time to the Sumar coalition because, apart from the 17,210 votes in 2020 that correspond to it when distributing those of Galicia in Común-Anova Mareas, it also collects another 956 that Equo obtained. In total, there are 18,166. Therefore, Podemos’ candidacy has 17,120 supports in 2020, since Alianza Verde, with which it is in coalition this time, is considered newly created. Anova, which would receive another 17,120 votes, will not attend 18F.

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