The Spanish city that ‘Bloomberg’ includes among the 24 best destinations in the world to visit in 2024

San Sebastián, in the Basque Country (Shutterstock).

All forecasts indicate that 2024 will be a record year in terms of travel. With major sporting events such as Paris Olympics or the German Euro Cup, millions of trips and endless trips are expected around the world. In fact, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted for this year that almost five billion people will fly during 2024, generating capital of around 900,000 million euros.

All this in a context where trips for leisure and enjoyment are also on the rise thanks to the great tourist offers of leading destinations spread around the world. Thus, with all these variables on the table, there are many cities, countries and natural spaces that become potentially tourist places. In this way, the platform Bloomberg has prepared a selection of the 24 best destinations to travel in 2024,

For their selection they have consulted travel agents and local sources, who have told them the best time to travel to each of them, and have combined this information with exclusive Kayak data showing the average price of a luxury hotel room. “Together, it is a guide not only to where to go, but also when,” they detail.

Pintxos in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country (Shutterstock).

Among all the possible cities on the planet, Bloomberg has included a Spanish one among all of them. This demonstrates once again how our country is at the forefront of tourism thanks to a monumental, gastronomic and leisure offer unique in the world. The chosen destination is the beautiful city of Saint Sebastianan oasis for lovers of good cuisine thanks to its rich gastronomy and quality of its restaurants, some of which have Michelin stars.

Added to this is a great hotel offer which combines luxury with more rural accommodations on the outskirts of the city, which are ideal for enjoying nature in its purest state. From the platform they recommend the Hotel Luze, “a complex that features Belle Époque architecture and houses 48 rooms that will surprise travelers when it opens its doors at the end of the year. In addition to an infinity pool facing the Cantabrian Sea and a restaurant by Iñigo Lavado, who trained with Ferran. Adriá and Alain Ducasse”, they explain.

San Sebastián City Hall, Spain (Shutterstock).

One of the main attractions of this city is the Concha beach. It extends in a perfect half-shell shape adorned by its famous railings, and offers fine sand and calm waters. Nearby are the elegant Paseo de la Concha and the Miramar Palace, with its exquisite gardens and sea views.

Likewise, the charm of Old part It has no parallel. Cobbled streets, full of bars pintxoslead to places like the Basilica of Santa María del Coro and the Plaza de la Constitución. The latter, formerly a bullring, preserves the numbers of the old boxes in its buildings.

For his part, the Mount Urgull, offers a complete view of the city and the bay. At its summit is the statue of the Sacred Heart and the Mota castle, a key historical site. Nor should we forget the building of the City hallan emblematic construction that was formerly a casino.

The impressive castle of the Basque Country nestled in the heart of a centuries-old forest.

Culture lovers also have their place in this city, in fact it hosts one of the most important film festivals in Spain: the San Sebastian International Film Festival. In turn, the Aquarium, the first naturalist museum in Spain, and the San Telmo Museum, dedicated to Basque culture, are excellent options for those looking to enrich their knowledge about the city and the region. The same platform indicates when is the best time to visit San Sebastián, choosing any time between May and September.

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