They ask 53 years in prison for 4 people for extorting a minor in Palma, threatening him with death if he did not give them money

11/17/2023 National Police van in the courtyard of the Balearic Provincial Court. POLITICS SPAIN EUROPE BALEARIC ISLANDS AUTONOMIES

The Second Section of the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands is holding this Tuesday (9:30 a.m.) the pretrial hearing against four people accused of extorting a minor, from whom they repeatedly asked for money, intimidating him and threatening him with death if he did not hand it over. According to the indictment, the events date back to March 21, 2021, when two of the accused, one of them nicknamed ‘El Patrón’, went outside a store in Son Rapinya where the victim, who was 14 years old, was. by then. Both defendants, aware of the purchasing power of the minor and his family, approached him under the pretext that ‘El Patrón’ had had his cell phone stolen and demanding that he pay for it. In this context, the accused took the boy to a more secluded place and demanded around 600 euros from him, threatening to kill him and his family if he did not give it to him and slapping him twice. For his part, the other defendant, who was carrying a knife, took the victim’s wallet to identify him. Next, as the boy had stated that he did not have money on him, they took him by car to his house, located in Palma, so that he could take it, according to the prosecutor in his letter. During the journey, ‘El Patrón’ pointed a pellet gun at the minor, who believed it was a real firearm. Before arriving at the house, the accused took a tour of the Son Contoner area, with the brother of the main accused, who was also a minor, getting into the car. It should be noted that ‘El Patrón’ could not approach the center of Palma because he was searching through various courts, so he abandoned the vehicle and his brother and the other defendant continued the journey until they reached Paseo Mallorca. There, the victim went up to his house and took the 600 euros, giving them to the defendants. A week later, ‘El Patrón’ located the victim through social networks and contacted him, again asking for money. The prosecutor maintains that the young man tried to ignore him, but the defendant insisted with calls and messages, up to 20, with death threats. As a result of these threats, the boy agreed to stay with him. Specifically, they met at a location in Son Rapinya, where ‘El Patrón’ was with another person, also prosecuted in this case. They both asked him for money again and threatened to kill him, giving him a few days to raise the amount they had requested and taking him by car, again, to his house. The next morning, the main defendant contacted the minor through social networks and warned him that he had to give him the money because his time had run out, so they met again. In this meeting, the young man gave him 160 euros and his old cell phone. Days later, they wrote to the young man again and asked for more money, telling him to go to Paseo del Borne and give it to a woman, also accused. The boy, according to the prosecutor, had just undergone meniscus surgery and could not leave the house, but after threats from ‘El Patrón’ he went with crutches to the indicated place and gave the money to the accused. Later, the woman sent messages to the minor with the intention of meeting him, but he blocked her. The next day, ‘El Patrón’ wrote to the injured party again, again demanding money, and agreed to do so. In this encounter, the main accused slapped him in the face and another of the accused placed the tip of a knife on his thigh. Since he didn’t have any money on him, they took the boy by car to his house again so he could pick it up and hand it over. The prosecutor describes in his letter other similar situations in which the accused contacted the minor and demanded money. On April 19, 2021, the victim, who had deleted his social networks to escape from the defendants, saw 20 calls and messages from ‘El Patrón’ on his phone when he woke up, and while at school he received another 80, in which that the accused told him that he would wait for him at the school door to kill him. The letter goes on to detail that the minor, faced with such pressure, went to his older brother and his father, who went to pick up the young man from school and went to the police station to report the facts. Despite the complaint, ‘El Patrón’ continued calling the minor. One of these calls was answered by the victim’s father, whom the accused also threatened. According to the prosecutor, all the cash given by the boy to the defendants came from his savings, those of his sister and his parents, making a total of approximately 2,000 euros. For the Public Ministry, the events reported constitute a continuing crime of extortion, robbery with intimidation, illegal detention and serious threats. Thus, he asks for ‘El Patrón’ 26 years and three months in prison and for the other three accused a total of 27, in addition to restraining orders in favor of the victim. Likewise, it is important that they jointly compensate the minor in the amount of 17,000 euros.

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