This was the reason why Benito the giraffe arrived in Ciudad Juárez

Benito lived in Chihuahua and his life was at risk due to the cold. Photo: X/@SalvemosABenito

One of the issues that has drawn the most attention of citizens in recent hours is the recent transfer of the giraffe Benedict to Africam Safarian animal conservation site located in the municipality of Valsequillo, Puebla and where it is expected to have a long and healthy life, but what led this species to live in the Central Park of Ciudad Juárez?

The species that is known to be in danger of extinction is a three-year-old male that, before living in the border city, was in a zoo in the state of Sinaloa where the caretakers of the place assured, two giraffes live that currently live together as a couple.

In order to protect all species, it was determined that Benito the giraffe could trigger a pattern of “jealousy” in the species that resides there and, given that it was the younger species, He was sent to Ciudad Juárez to protect him; However, this change was a reason to point out two members of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) as those allegedly responsible for his transfer.

Benito will live in Africam Safari from this moment on Credit: X/SergioSalomonC

In the context in which the giraffe was moved from Sinaloa to Chihuahua, a digital magazine announced that the then Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez -who at the same time sought to be a presidential candidate for Morena-, had been behind this change. This publication noted that Benito had reached Beautiful villa after the death of the giraffe named Modesto that was in a zoo in the capital of Tabasco, of which López Hernández served as governor.

Without mentioning his stay in Sinaloa, the magazine insisted that the change from Villahermosa to Ciudad Juárez was because the former Secretary of the Interior had gifted the giraffe to federal representative Andrea Chávez who, in addition to being part of the Morena bench, at that time was the target of criticism on social networks because photographs of the legislator’s parents traveling on private planes belonging to the Secretariat of National Defense were spread (Sedena), an action that Chávez immediately suggested was a montage.

Despite the above, the theory about the arrival of Benito – the name given to him by the governor of Chihuahua, Maru Campos after his arrival – continued to emerge as an alleged gift from the former governor to the federal representative.

With the aim of denying such accusations, the federal representative published through the social network

In addition to having the alleged gift from López Hernández, the government of Chihuahua pointed out her for allegedly having a private planemove aboard a Humvee and also have a romantic relationship with a high-power personfrom what she said in June 2023;

“The PAN governor of Chihuahua is very scared because her popularity is at rock bottom and rightly so. Her ‘duartismo’, her absences, her corruption, the failure of her sentinel platform, the replaque, the indebtedness, the high rates on public transportation have made her fall even further in the polls, well, she has even dropped out of the presidential race and instead of taking responsibility, he attacks me.”

Representative Andrea Chávez denied that Benito the giraffe was her property after receiving it as a gift from Adán Augusto López Credit: X @AndreaChavezTre

Before this statement, on the social network April 2023 She recalled that a year earlier was when the rumor started that it was a gift, which led her to ironically remark that the next step was to be accused of being owner of Chapultepec Castle.

The legislator regretted that the giraffe was awarded to her as her property Credit: X @AndreaChavezTre

Months later and after these explanations, the representative joined the wave of activists who for nine months tried to stop the Central Park of Ciudad Juárez from being her home and to now be located in Puebla where it was said at that time, He would not only have better care but would also be able to live with his own species to avoid depression.

Through the social network Instagram, the deputy published a video on January 5 in which she insisted that the giraffe Benito was still designated as her property to date but that, in addition to being false, it had to face the strong cold of the entity that kept her with her eyelashes and saliva on the verge of freezing.

“Today we woke up below zero and the giraffes are not used to these temperatures. Despite this, the State government committed to expanding the place where Benito sleeps. 2020 has already arrived and they still haven’t even finished the work.”

The Morena legislator asked the authorities to rescue the giraffe Credit: Instagram @AndreaChavezTre

The deputy recalled that despite the accusations against her, she had been denouncing the bad conditions she faced. Benedict and therefore expanded the call to move it to a better place, while requesting that the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) intervened to protect her.

Throughout the transfer of the giraffe, the deputy has replicated the association’s publications Let’s save Benito which celebrated its arrival at Africam Safari, a place where the governor of the state of Puebla, Sergio Salomón, also attended, who after having fed the species, stated that it was a very important day for the State.

The governor of Puebla, Sergio Salomón showed what his coexistence was like at Africam Safari after the arrival of Benito the giraffe. Credit: X @SergioSalomonC

Meanwhile, the former governor of Tabasco has not said anything about it and it is expected that he will not do so, since in the midst of all the controversy, the federal representative was the only one who was in charge of denying the accusations without involving the then Secretary of the Interior.

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