This will be the Living Museum of Muralism that will take over a historic SEP building with works by David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera

This will be the Living Museum of Muralism Credit: Cuartoscuro

The culture of muralism is something that has been part of Mexico for many years, and over time it has been transformed, since it is currently used for social causes. With the aim of exhibiting the main works of this type of art that will be called Living Museum of Muralism.

The headquarters in which great works of Mexican muralism will be housed will be in the building in which the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

Some of the works that will be exhibited in this space are those created by David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego RiveraFermín Revueltas and Jiosé Clemente Orozco, known for their extensive work within Mexican muralism.

The head of Government of Mexico City (CDMX) explained that the Living Museum of Muralism is a project in which the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the SEP.

“The Living Museum of Muralism. Here the city is also entrusted with carrying out the project together with the INAH, together with the Ministry of Public Education, in the building in Brazil, which is currently occupied by the Ministry of Public Education; and we will be concluding the project together with them in February and from there the museography work will begin, which is basically what this project consists of,” explained the head of the capital’s government.

There will be works by Siqueiros in the Living Museum of Muralism (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

The SEP building is located on República de Argentina Street, number 28, in the Historic Center and houses murals of various works inside. mexican artists. The project was announced in 2020 and since that time the corresponding work has been carried out to restore the SEP building and adapt it to fulfill its functions as a museum.

According to the head of Government, projections indicate that the works will be completed in February, which will provide guidelines for the cultural authorities to begin the museography work, which is based on a set of techniques developed to carry out the functions that concern the conditioning of the museum.

Museography work will be carried out Photo: Facebook/Edgar Bobadilla

The Living Museum of Muralism will be made up of two buildings that for a long time were the headquarters of the SEP. In space there is Ibero-American Library and inside it is decorated by a mural created by Roberto Montenegro.

For the renovation of the current building, the engineer Federico Méndez Rivas was in charge of the project, who was in charge of designing a neoclassical style façade, which creates the optical illusion of a triangular pediment.

The work of Diego Rivera will be exhibited REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

As mentioned previously, the space has great works of Mexican muralism; Well, even at the time, the first Secretary of Public Education, Jose Vasconcelos He invited Diego Rivera to capture part of his art in different spaces.

The second building is also made up of a series of elements that enhance its architecture, which stands out for its balconies decorated with quarries. Inside the property, one of the pieces that stands out the most is the mural called Patricians and Patricians by José David Alfaro Siqueiros; However, it could not be completed due to the death of the artist.

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