Today’s Morning January 23 | “Mexican does not have planes to cover more destinations, but it does have the best prices per ticket: AMLO”: AMLO

Four questions for Zedillo

Now that they will bring the former president of Mexico as a speaker, AMLO asks:

  1. Why did you convert the private debts of a few into public debt -FOBAPROA-?
  2. Why did you send to Congress a pension reform where the worker will not receive even 50% of his salary when he retires, what led him to harm the workers?
  3. Why didn’t the minimum wage increase during your government?
  4. Why did the passenger trains disappear and he went to work for the American company to which he handed over the national railways?
Former President Ernesto Zedillo

Let the debate and discussion continue

When giving his opinion on the application of the labor reform, reduction of working hours from 48 to 40 hours, the president proposed ending discuss and debate said proposal in the Chambers and? entrepreneurs are urged to solve it.

The government will continue to support and announced that a good increase in profit sharing, like never before seen, specifically the miners.

Workers in an aluminum factory in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/José Pazos

He highlighted that in Sonora various projects and works that are about to be completed, that despite the presidential campaigns, he will supervise all of them before his administration ends.

The cheapest

Regarding Mexicana de Aviación, the state airline, López Obrador, acknowledged that still They do not have the necessary planes to cover more destinations in Mexico, but it is an issue that will be resolved; he highlighted and assured that yes it offers the best prices of plane tickets.

A plane of former state airline Mexicana de Aviacion is seen at the military-run Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) in Zumpango, Mexico, December 26, 2023. Mexico Presidency/Handout via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. DO NOT RESALT. DO NOT ARCHIVE.

Biden-Trump poll

Regarding the presidential elections in the United States, AMLO said, “We are going to wait, about that, we are going to wait, they are in the campaigns, what I learned is that the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has already declined, he is going to support the candidate Donald Trump, That is what is known, in the polls President Biden is even with former President Trump, the last one I saw was that of -pollster- Morgan, it is a point that President Biden has at the top.”

Biden-Trump Modern Consult Poll

Public servants should not be angry or sullen, they should be servants of the people, the president stressed.

AMLO committed to help teachersthrough the SEP, of Ensenada, Baja California, to investigate and find out why they have not been given their bonuses.

Likewise, he mentioned some actions that will be carried out in the entity for the benefit of the locals such as the elevated viaduct, roads and sentry boxes.

Video presentation by SEDENA in which all the projects in which the Armed Forces have participated in the current administration are exposed.

In favor of Mexicans

The Armed Forces They participate and contribute to the growth and benefit of the countryhighlighted the head of SEDENA, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, attached to the Fourth Military Mission of carrying out civic actions and social works in favor of Mexicans.

Armed Forces in the development of Mexico

Fundamentals to govern

The morning conference began, headed by López Obrador, who pointed out that today they will talk about the work of SEDENA in Welfare programs.

The Armed Forces have been fundamental to carry out the task of governing the countryI highlight.

Members of the Armed Forces and the National Guard. Archive image. EFE/ David Guzmán

Today is Tuesday to talk about various topics and answer questions in President AMLO’s morning conference.

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