Umma crime: residents of Lomas de Zamora march to demand Justice

A child with his sign in the march for the crime of Uma (Photos: Gustavo Gavotti)

“This can not go on like this. “This country is not what I expected.”. Valentina is next to her mother. She is not even 10 years old, but she firmly holds a sign demanding Justice and she speaks to the press without fear. She went to the same school as Uma Aguilerathe daughter of the security minister’s custodian, Patricia Bullrichwho was murdered this Monday in an attempted robbery in the town of Villa Centenario.

Valentina is not the only girl who took to the streets after the girl’s murder. On the corner of Martín Rodríguez and Pío Baroja, in Lomas de zamoraThere are many neighbors who went with their children to the demonstration this Tuesday at dusk to demand Justice for Uma’s crime.

A mother with her daughter at the march for the Uma crime

The call was scheduled for 7 p.m. and, suddenly, that corner in the South of the Buenos Aires suburbs was filled with neighbors and relatives of the victim who applauded and shouted: “Justice, justice, justice”. The adults, unlike other similar marches, were mostly accompanied by their children. Children Uma’s age, some years older, others younger, but children.

One of them made a little drawing, which heads this note, where it says: “Uma, we will miss you”. Others cried on their parents’ chests. There were several who had signs in their hands. But, everyone, like the adults, applauded before starting to walk towards the 7th police station of Villa Centenario, the same one that last night housed the only one arrested for the Uma crime. They still need to catch the other three who participated in the homicide.

“Justice for Uma”, a demand that is repeated among protesters

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