What will be the future of Ricardo Gareca? Owner of América de Cali revealed that Chile made an “unbeatable” offer to ‘Tigre’

Ricardo Gareca does not define his future: Owner of América de Cali revealed that Chile made him an important offer.

When everything indicated that the future of Ricardo Gareca would be in the Cali Americathe possibility of directing the Chile team in replacement of Eduardo Berizzo. This was confirmed by Tulio Gómez, the largest shareholder of the ‘Red Devils‘, who revealed that the ‘Tiger‘ received an important offer from the southern country:

We want Ricardo Gareca, but today he is not the new coach, an offer from the Chilean National Team appeared that we could not beat. We still have other candidates”, he declared to Café Deportivo.

Subsequently, Alex Escobarwho has been directing interim to the box ‘scarlet‘Since January 15, when the surprising departure of Lucas González from the Cali bench was announced, he revealed that the Argentine intends to return to Cali at some point (because he defended them as a player between 1985-1989 and as coach in 2005) , but agreed with Gómez’s version, that the Chilean offer is much superior:

“With the ‘Skinny‘He always spoke, and he has the dream of directing América de Cali, He has always stated that he wants to one day lead the team again, but I think he has an important offer from Chile. but I hope we can have him here with us,” he commented at a press conference.

Ricardo Gareca was part of the great América de Cali team that reached three consecutive Copa Libertadores finals in the 80s – credit América de Cali Magazine

The interest of the ‘red‘by the former DT of the peruvian team It’s nothing new, in fact, a few weeks ago, it seemed that his arrival to the cast ‘mapuche‘ It was closed. However, according to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, an image contract signed by the ‘Skinny‘ with a Peruvian bank, frustrated negotiationsbecause the banking entity that sponsors the chilean team She was not willing to let her coach have dual activism. Furthermore, the penalty for terminating the bond was millionaires and the ANFP (Chilean Football Federation)was not in a position to pay it.

However, in the last few hours, the Chilean communicator Jaime Dinas, pointed out that this problem would already be solved and that this would have frustrated the trip that Garecaalong with his lawyer and representative, had planned to go to Colombia this Sunday, to negotiate his signature for the Cali America.

“Ricardo Gareca had planned to arrive in Cali this Sunday with a lawyer and representative, they have just informed me from Argentina that he “Tiger“He will not travel to Colombia and that his relationship as coach of the ‘red‘, since the ANFP would “unlock” the issue of the bank sponsor“, he wrote on his ‘X’ account.

Chilean journalist affirmed that the ANFP resolved the issue of Ricardo Gareca and his contract with a Peruvian bank.

The possibility that the pass of Ricardo Gareca to Cali America became frustrated, generated various criticisms of the directive’scarlet‘, because it was themselves’, who expressed their intention to hire him.

In fact, it was its own president, Marcela Gómez, who pointed out that They gave up on signing Arturo vidalto redouble their efforts in the arrival of the Argentine strategist.

One of the most annoyed by this fact was Fabian Vargasformer footballer of the institution, who pointed out that the non-arrival of the ‘Skinny‘ would mean a “ridiculous” for your institution:

“He is very close to making a fool of himself. Because it’s okay, the thing about Arturo Vidal was a leak, which came from right there, but they didn’t come out and say it, they told someone about it and we all ended up finding out that they wanted to have that possibility of bringing him. But here there is a card that the new president Marcela plays very strongly, and that is that she comes out to say, we give up on Arturo Vidal and throw another name. That other name generates a lot of expectation and a lot of excitement in the American fans. “I think that’s a mistake there and it’s a beginner’s mistake,” Shooting.

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