With an emotional text, Axel announced his separation after 16 years as a couple with the mother of his four children

Axel (@axeloficial)

There is painful news that is difficult to give and that can even take a long time to process. That’s how he felt Axelthe singer, who finally turned to the networks to announce his separation from Delfina Lauríathe woman with whom he has shared his life since 16 years ago and with whom he started a family.

“Today, January 23, 2024, with a knot in my belly, because I always imagined growing old next to the person I had chosen to start a family, I want to tell you that after 16 years sharing the path of life with an excellent person and woman like Delfi, having had a healthy, wonderful, respectful relationship; and the most beautiful fruit of that relationship is Águeda, Aurelia, Fermín and Gregorio; We have decided to start a new stage walking separately“, expressed the singer on his Instagram account along with two family postcards.

One of the photos that Axel chose to accompany the statement on his social networks

In a long and emotional text, which soon received the support of his followers, the musician expanded a little on what that process was like until making the final determination. “Of course it hurts, and although it is a decision we made several months ago, Only today, after doing individual and couples therapy, reviewing ourselves and a lot of learning, I find myself in a state of mind to tell you.”, he assured.

“Our hearts will be united all our lives by our beautiful children, who will always be our priority; and We will always seek to have a loving, respectful and peaceful bond“, he said about how the relationship with Delfina and the family future turned out.

The singer of popular ballads like “Amo” and “Te voy a amar” and his family They had been installed for years in the province of Córdoba, more specifically in Traslasierra. “We decided to make this life change and go there. It’s not easy, because I’m two and a half hours from Córdoba airport, but there we manage to have a healthier and more natural encounter with our children,” explained the musician at that time, while he was a coach of The Argentine Voice and he combined work life with family life and permanent trips for tours.

The musician’s statement (Photos: Instagram)

About this contact with nature and commitment to the environment, in an interview with Teleshow he had told What were your days like away from the big cities?: “I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and then I became vegan. My children never tried meat, chicken, or fish. They do not drink milk, except that made from vegetables. They do eat cheese and eggs. At home we have animal consciousness and a love for nature. One of the phrases that I instill in them is: ‘My pleasure cannot govern me and subject me to another life to satisfy my palate. I am not the one to kill an animal. In addition, we buy all our food at health food stores or natural stores. We seek to use foods in which the carbon footprint is as small as possible, and for that we must consume local products. It is better to drink a craft beer than one that comes from Mexico or Germany.”

In that family life decision, they had also moved into an eco-friendly home. “My house uses alternative energies and is very ecological: the heating is solar, we recover rainwater, we do gray water treatments with biodigesters, we have our own organic garden, we grow fruit trees and we make our own olive oil and sweets” , he explained in the same interview.

Regarding life in contact with nature, Axel said that although at first it was a little difficult, later his family felt very comfortable with the experience and even chose it. The first year was difficult: Every month we came here, we missed friends, family. But the second year we came for a special date and by the third we were already wondering why we should come. Fermín couldn’t stand the noise of the motorcycles, the screams of the people, because we literally live in the middle of the mountain. We come if it is extremely necessary”.

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