Ábalos charges against Page for not raising his voice in the face of the “abnormalities” of the PP and “permanently” vilifying the PSOE

12/04/2023 The former Minister of Transportation and president of the Interior Commission José Luis Ábalos during the ordinary activity of the Interior Commission on the day on which 28 commissions are constituted, in the Congress of Deputies, December 4, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). Today Congress constitutes a total of 28 parliamentary committees, with the beginning of the ordinary activity of the 15th legislature, since until now there have only been four plenary sessions, two of them for investiture sessions. In these constituent sessions of the commissions, the composition of their tables is chosen, which are made up of a presidency, two vice-presidents and two secretaries. From there, the commissions can begin to organize their work, starting with hosting the appearance of the ministers of the new coalition Government to explain the plans in each department. POLITICS A. Pérez Meca – Europa Press

The former minister and deputy of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, has charged against the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, for not raising his voice against the “abnormalities” that in his opinion the Popular Party does but “permanently insults” “to his fellow socialists. This is what the former Secretary of Organization of the PSOE has spoken out after Page considered that his party is right now “on the outskirts of the Constitution, about to step on the constitutional border” after the last pact reached with Junts to limit terrorist crimes that will be included in the Amnesty Law, also stating that “there is no good terrorism and bad terrorism.” In a social media publication, Ábalos has cited some of the outrages that, in his opinion, the PP carries out. “Blocking the renewal of the CGPJ, delegitimizing the Constitutional Court, despising Congress, subverting the constitutional function of the Senate, spying and preparing false reports to destroy political adversaries, corrupting the Police, going to elections doped… they must be part of the constitutional core because your voice is not heard strongly, García Page,” he wrote. The deputy has pointed out that for Page “it seems that it is better to reach an amicable understanding with the representatives of these outrages” and, however, to “permanently denigrate” the work of his PSOE colleagues, “who are eager to prevent the advance of the extreme right and in the defense of rights and freedoms”. “If you can’t help your partner, at least don’t help your opponent. Remember that we won from the pride of being socialists but it is the PSOE that wins,” the former minister warned, and then recalled that “people always prefer the original to the copy”. “Don’t forget!”, he has settled.

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