Facundo Moyano: “This strike should have been two years ago, I was part of the disaster”

Facundo Moyano

While the general strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT)the former national deputy Facundo Moyano made a strong self-criticism within the leadership of the labor union and targeted the government of Alberto Fernández. “I was part of the disaster”, he assured.

“For me, beyond the demonstration that I believe has to be peaceful and will be peaceful, in my particular case it has to have a sense of deep self-criticism, of Peronism, of the CGT, of the leadersof those who will never have it, because They will always blame others“he said in statements to CNN Radio.

“If today in Argentina there is a situation of being inflation world championssecond consecutive year that we are world champions in something, unfortunately in inflation, It is because of the disaster that occurred during the four years of Alberto Fernández’s government”, continued the former general secretary of the Single Union of Toll Workers.

Regarding today’s protest in front of the National Congress, Moyano said: “I came to the conclusion that we all have to do self-criticism. If there are no Peronist leaders who make self-criticism, here is one who does. This strike should have been two years ago”.

I was part of the disaster, I was a national deputyI was on Alberto Fernández’s list, who before becoming president said that he was going to be the president who was going to end the rift, who was going to build the Frente de Todos, which ended up being the ‘front of a few’, who They appointed representatives in important companies and practically all of them were melted down,” said the political leader after referring to the previous government.

“I can tell you about my activity in particular, with specific numbers, they destroyed them,” he said. And he completed: “Being a deputy I voted for a lot of stupid things.”

The CGT protest was decided weeks ago, just 18 days before the new government took office, after a meeting of the Confederal Central Committee at the historic headquarters on Azopardo Street, where all union sectors participated. From 12 o’clock, different organizations march towards the National Congress, in protest to the modifications to labor legislation that include the DNU for deregulation of the economy and the omnibus bill, called “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of the Argentines”, promoted by the Government of Javier Milei.

“If you are with them, you are good. But if you are not with them, you are the right, you are the United States Embassy, ​​imperialism. It happened to me with Sergio Massa. I was on Massa’s list and he was a traitor, he was from the Embassy, ​​he was from the State Department. And with that logic we are where we are. Inwardly we all talk, we all criticize, we say ‘this one’s fault, the other’s fault’, but you know what? It’s our fault, it’s everyone’s. It’s my fault too”he continued.

In another part of the interview, and in the midst of strong anger, the leader referred to his decision to abandon his seat as a deputy of the Nation, in 2021: “I resigned on August 11, 2021. I resigned to a new government. They blatantly blamed Martín Guzmán and Alberto’s government ended. Do you think that this hypocrisy on the part of the government is not paid for? Do you think this is not over? Do you think that it is not worth it that Peronism has become the party of the workers, the party of the poor?

Furthermore, he considered that Milei’s victory “is the effect” of the previous government. “The cause is the disaster, the institutional mess, the economic disaster, the fights of ego, of vanities, of the political leaders, among whom I am. Because even though I have resigned, I am still a political leader of Peronism. And I quit, do you know why? To have freedom to criticize,” he said.

“We have to face society and say, yes, we take charge. We were a disaster. We disunderstand the history of Peronism, because Peronism is work, Peronism is upward social mobility, Peronism is education,” he added.

“You can blame Macri, the debt, the pandemic, this, that, the war was between Russia and Ukraine. Let’s stop lying to ourselves, let’s stop lying to people. There are those responsible here. Afterwards we will have time to criticize Milei and the laws, his construction based on the anger, his criticism and his contradictions. We have the world all the time. “Now, when are we going to do a self-criticism?” Moyano reiterated again.

Finally, the former legislator pointed out against the union leaders: “They are responsible. I include myself too. The CGT does not stain. Peronism is not stained. Leaders make bad decisions. Leaders are selfish. But the institutions are not stained. The CGT calls and calls. Not by the leaders. Because this strike should have been a few years ago.”

“This march has to be a march to demand things that go against the workers, but also a march to make a deep self-criticism of the disaster we were as a government,” he concluded.

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