Fifteen million to care for, conserve and prevent fires in Doñana

Doñana (Huelva), January 24 (EFE).- The Department of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Government of Andalusia is going to invest around 15 million euros in the Doñana Natural Space, in Huelva, to maintain biodiversity and natural habitats, as well as the care and conservation and prevention of fires in this privileged natural area.

This was announced this Wednesday during a visit to Doñana by the advisor of the sector, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, specifying that of these funds, six million euros represent the first execution of the Agreement for Doñana that the Board has signed with the Ministry of Ecological Transition , while another 8.7 million euros are investments added to this program for the Natural Space.

“We are fully aware of the delicate state of this park, further aggravated by the context of climate change in which we find ourselves and in which drought is one of the most obvious signs. That is why we do not work on impulse, but rather analyzing the daily needs of the natural environment, investing for the best possible conservation,” he stated.

Fernández-Pacheco has detailed that these investments are divided into two large blocks. The first, with an amount of 8.7 million euros, includes preventive work against the risk of fires and control of external effects.

They have been carried out since 2021 and end this January with an average annual investment of 2.3 million euros.

The second block, with an investment of six million euros charged to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, will begin in the coming days once the drafting of the technical projects has been completed.

These funds are included in the Agreement for Doñana that the Government of Andalusia has signed with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge to guarantee the future of the area.

The works for environmental restoration and improvement in properties in the National Park that are owned by the Board stand out, in addition to others corresponding to the improvements of the public use system of the Doñana National Park.

In this case, the actions for environmental restoration, improvement of habitats, recovery of wetlands and elimination of exotic species will involve an investment of 3.7 million euros in Los Sotos, Algaida, Mogea and Rocina, in addition to the El Puntal farms. and the Wolf.

Actions all aimed at generating greater diversity of habitats and vegetation structures, expanding forest resources to achieve greater effectiveness in preventing large fires.

Public use

Likewise, Fernández-Pacheco has detailed the investments in the improvement of public use spaces that depend on the Junta de Andalucía in the Natural Space.

Specifically, the Board is going to invest more than two million euros in the José Antonio Valverde, Palacio del Acebron, La Rocina, and Fábrica de Hielo visitor centers, improving their facilities, equipment and access to them.

“Doñana cannot live with its back to the neighbors who live there and with these investments we favor local active tourism companies and also make known the vast environmental heritage that the National Park treasures. We are convinced that what is not known is not valued,” he said. EFE



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