Maxi Iglesias avoids revealing if he spent Christmas with Stephanie Cayo


Always so discreet with his private life, it is almost impossible to decipher where he is every time we have the opportunity to speak with him… so much so that in the latest statements he has made to the press, Maxi Iglesias has refused to talk about his relationship with Stephanie Cayo and now, we don’t know where he is at. Today we were able to talk to him and he diverted the topic when we asked him if it was true that he spent the end of the year with Stephanie: “I’m not going to answer because you already know what I like to talk about and if not in the end they would call me a talk about other things other than my profession, I don’t like to talk about my personal life. But he did want to talk about the delicate moment that his professional colleague, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, is experiencing, who announced a few days ago through his Instagram that he suffers from cancer, that he has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for several months and that he is waiting for a bone marrow transplant. “These are complicated moments, I already wrote to him at the time, I told him that I have all my support and that you are never prepared for this type of thing, much less when someone close to you touches you,” the actor confessed. Furthermore, he assured that “for this type of news I am very cautious, trying to respect these people, support them and also allow them their space, their privacy”, which is why he chooses to “be there for whatever you may need”, which in the end After all, it is the most important thing. Regarding his new professional projects, the actor has confessed to us that he intends to play new roles in his career that have nothing to do with that of a ‘heartthrob’: “It has been a very nice year, a 2023 full of premieres of the what I had done in 2022, but to stop recording, to take stock of where I wanted to direct my career.” Although he feels “lucky and privileged to do all the romantic comedy projects, as a boy who falls in love with, who has a hard time for a woman, this year I realized that either I would leave that type of character or else I would go keep doing this.” However, he is not afraid of being pigeonholed: “Not to pigeonhole yourself, in the end it has been a privilege to work, but to look for that different character that allows me to do other things.”

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