Peru vs Argentina LIVE TODAY: they tie 0-0 for the 2024 Pre-Olympic

MIN 39: yellow card for Juan Pablo Goicochea (Peru) for a foul against Joaquín García (Argentina)

MIN 37: yellow card for Rafael Lutiger (Peru)

MIN 35: Substitution (Argentina) Gonzalo Luján replaces the injured Marco Di César.

MIN 33: The match is stopped so that Marco Di Césare (Argentina) receives medical attention.

MIN 32: Goal disallowed by Santiago Castro for Argentina due to offside.

MIN 29: Ugh! goalkeeper Diego Romero (Peru) saved the fall of his goal after a shot on the edge of the six-yard box by Cristian Medina (Argentina)

MIN 27: Joaquín García (Argentina) fouled Diether Vásquez (Peru) and avoided a counterattack by the ‘bicolor’.

MIN 16: Diether Vásquez (Peru) excelled with an individual play in attack against the mark of Juan Sforza (Argentina) and the defense’albiceleste‘ managed to clear the danger.

MIN 12: Ugh! Santiago Castro (Argentina) was one-on-one with goalkeeper Diego Romero (Peru) who stretched to save the shot.

MIN 1: the first half began.

The Peruvian team sings the National Anthem prior to the start of the commitment for the Pre-Olympic 2024.

Arrival of the Peruvian team to the scene of the meeting between Peru and Argentina.

Peru vs Argentina: coach Guillermo del Solar prior to the duel for the 2024 Olympic Qualifiers
Peru vs Argentina: goalkeeper Diego Romero in the stadium of the 2024 Pre-Olympic match

In the first match of date 2 of Group B of the 2024 Pre-Olympic, the Paraguayan team beat Uruguay 4-3 and reached four points in the standings.

Paraguay beat Uruguay 4-2 under coach Marcelo Bielsa on date 2 of the 2024 Pre-Olympics

This is what the Misael Delgado Sports Stadium in Valencia looks like minutes before the match between Peru and Argentina.

Peru vs Argentina: the Misael Delgado Sports Stadium in Valencia

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Peru vs Argentina lineups

Peru: Diego Romero; Emilio Saba, Anderson Villacorta, Erick Noriega, Rafael Lutiger, Marco Huamán; Álvaro Rojas, Diether Vásquez, Alessandro Burlamaqui; Guillermo Larios, Juan Pablo Goicochea. DT: José Guillermo del Solar.

Argentina: Leandro Brey; Joaquín García, Marco Di Cesare, Nicolás Valentini, Valentín Barco, Cristian Medina, Equi Fernández, Juan Sforza, Thiago Almada, Santiago Castro, Pablo Solari. Coach: Javier Mascherano.

Peru vs Argentina: lineup of the ‘bicolor’ for the 2024 Pre-Olympic match
Peru vs Argentina: formation of the ‘albiceleste’ for the 2024 Pre-Olympic duel

Peru vs Argentina: Match day! Today, Wednesday, January 24, the ‘bicolor’ will reappear in the Venezuela Under 23 Pre-Olympic Tournament to measure yourself against one of the favorite teams: Argentina. The match is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. in Peru at the facilities of the Misael Delgado Sports Center.

The games that are coming

The Peruvian team will play all its group stage matches at the Misael Delgado sports center located in the city of Carabobo, state of Valencia. If they win a place in the next stage of the competition, they will travel to Barquisimeto, where they will play at the Metropolitano de Lara stadium, one of the largest in Venezuela.

– Saturday January 27

Paraguay vs Peru / 3:00 p.m.

– Tuesday, January 30

Uruguay vs Peru / 3:00 p.m.

Group B Table

After the first day was played, Peru leads the B Group with three points. Both Argentina and Paraguay are tied with one, while Chile has not been able to add points so far, which is why it is at the bottom of the table. Uruguay has not yet made its debut in the competition.

Group B position table – Credits: Conmebol

How does Peru arrive?

The peruvian team comes from hitting the first date after winning by the minimum against Chili in what was a new edition of the ‘Pacific classic’. The one in charge of giving victory to the ‘bicolor’ was Franchesco Floreswho made his entrance in the second half.

Without a doubt, this result excites many with the possibility of qualifying for the final quadrangle of the qualifying tournament Paris 2024. One thing to take into account is that ‘Chemo’ and its technical command would be evaluating maintaining the same eleven that started before the ‘red’except Rafael Lutigerwho was injured.

How does Argentina arrive?

Although Argentina It is one of the favorite teams to take first place in the tournament, its debut was not the best. However, at least they managed to rescue an agonizing 1-1 draw against their counterpart Paraguay thanks to both Luciano Gondou at minute 90.

It is important to mention that one of the main figures of the team led by Javier Mascherano is Claudio Echeverriplayer who currently wears the colors of River Platebut he will soon have the opportunity to emigrate abroad to sign for the Manchester City.

Possible lineups for Peru vs Argentina Sub 23

Peru: Diego Romero; Emilio Saba, Erick Noriega, Rafael Lutiger, Mathías Llontop; Álvaro Rojas, Ian Wisdom, Adrián Ascues; Diether Vásquez, Guillermo Larios and Víctor Guzmán. DT: José Guillermo del Solar.

Argentina: Leandro Brey; Joaquín García, Marco Di Césare, Nicolás Valentini, Valentín Barco; Ezequiel Fernández, Juan Sforza, Thiago Almada; Cristian Medina, Pablo Solari and Santiago Castro. DT: Javier Mascherano.

TV Channel for Peru vs Argentina Sub 23

He Peru vs Argentina For date 2 of Group B of the 2024 Pre-Olympic, it will have the transmission of DirecTV, a television company that has exclusive rights to the contest in national territory. In addition, the content will also be available on the streaming platform DGO.

It should be noted that, Infobae Peruthrough its website, It will have all the incidents of the important commitment, including the previous one, the minute by minute, the best plays, goals, statements by the protagonists and much more.

TV channels that will broadcast the Paris Under 23 Olympic Pre-Olympic in South America – Credit: Conmebol

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