The Nicolás Maduro regime detained another head of María Corina Machado’s campaign command

Guillermo López, head of the opposition campaign command in the state of Trujillo

The match Sell ​​Venezuelaled by the opposition presidential candidate Maria Corina Machadoreported that he was detained by the Bolivarian National Guard Guillermo Lopezone of the regional heads of the opposition campaign command.

Guillermo Lopezhead of the Campaign Command #WithVzla in Trujillo, this man was also arrested #23Janby repressive bodies through their Bolivarian Fury Plan. With the arrest of López, the number of leaders kidnapped by the regime rises to 3,” the political movement stated in a message through the social network X.

The regime of Nicolas Maduro He arrested the opposition leader this Tuesday Juan Freitesas reported by the Human Rights Committee of the opposition party Sell ​​Venezuelafrom the presidential candidate Maria Corina Machado.

“Alert. The regime detains Juan Freites (@juanfreites), state coordinator of @VenteVargas and head of the Campaign Command“, he indicated Human Rights Vente Venezuela his account on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

The Maduro regime detained the opposition leader Juan Freites

And I add: “Officials arrived at his house in Vargas and forcibly took him away on January 23. “Enough of political persecution!”

Juan Freites, Luis Camacaro and Guillermo Lopez Not only were they arbitrarily detained, but they are also being subjected to forced disappearance for several hours. The regime is responsible for their physical integrity. “We demand his immediate freedom!” noted the party in another publication.

Witnesses indicated that the politician, who this Tuesday had an event in Caracas with María Corina Machado, He was apparently detained by members of the DGCIM (the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence).

They put him in a truck and took him to an unknown destination until now, the account reported from the scene. Pitazo Vargasreplicated by Vente Venezuela.

This event happens after Machado will qualify Monday as “surreal and delirious plots” the reported conspiracy plans by the Prosecutor’s Office, which included the assassination of the dictator Nicolás Maduro and assaults on military installations.

Brian Nicholsthe main diplomat United States for Latin Americadeclared on Tuesday in X that he was “deeply concerned by the recent actions against the opposition and the civil society in Venezuela based on unfounded accusations.”

And he stressed that the Barbados agreement “advocates for a culture of tolerance and political coexistenceas well as for equal conditions for all political parties.”

USA eased sanctions against Venezuela behind the Barbados agreement last year, allowing Chevron resume limited oil drilling as part of an effort to keep global prices low as the West pressed sanctions on Russia by war in ukraine.

Machado remains disqualified from holding public office despite winning overwhelming support in a primary election held last October.

(With information from AFP)

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