The Venezuelan Armed Forces expel 33 soldiers accused of conspiring against the Government

The Venezuelan Armed Forces have expelled from the institution a total of 33 soldiers accused of “treason” for their alleged involvement in conspiracies against the Government of Nicolás Maduro, who has promised “zero tolerance for traitors.” The Bolivarian National Armed Forces have released the identities of these 33 suspects, among whom are active and reserve military personnel. They are accused of being “involved in conspiracies through the planning of criminal and terrorist actions to attack the legitimately constituted system of government.” The Venezuelan authorities have assured that they were even contemplating the assassination of Maduro, who according to the Army note is the one who gave the order to carry out this purge. The military personnel identified “are not worthy of belonging to our ranks,” have argued the Armed Forces, which also trust that it will serve as an “exemplary measure.” Along these lines, the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, has stated in an appearance broadcast on social networks that “these traitors should never have had and worn the military uniform and its insignia”, since “they are not worthy.” The minister has accused them of “playing into the hands” of the “imperial sewers” of the United States and has stressed that Caracas “will not tire of fighting” against those who seek to “divide” the Armed Forces for political purposes, ” to cause harm to the Chavista Government.

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