This is Guerra 2024 LIVE: watch the presentation of the new drivers, reality kids and ‘bomb’ returns

This is War 2024 premieres this Tuesday, January 23 on América TV.

Piero Arenas and Karen Dejo return

The two new participants returned in style to the competition reality show with renewed looks. “I’m happy, I love my job”, expressed the popular ‘Sabrosura’. During her presentation, Karen Dejo took the opportunity to dedicate tender words to her daughter, Mía.

Karen Dejo returns renewed to ‘Esto Es Guerra’. | America TV

Facundo Gonzalez is the fourth member

Facundo Gonzalez revealed that they called him to be part of a Chilean reality show, however, he chose to return to ‘Esto Es Guerra’ in its 12th season. “No one has fallen in love with me, I’m still single,” he said on his return to the competition show. He expressed his support for Paloma Fiuza in the face of her delicate health situation.

Facundo Gonzalez returns to ‘EEG’. | America TV

Michelle Soifer and Mario Irivarren return

Michelle Soifer and Mario Irivarren They returned to the competition. The veteran competitors promise to give their all in this new season. The singer clarified that she was very single, while her partner confessed that she felt very in love with Onelia Molinawho was also introduced.

Mario Irivarren returns to ‘Esto Es Guerra’. | capture/America TV

Rebeca Escribns presents the new season

Entertainment news host Rebeca Escribens welcomed season 12 of ‘This is war’. He announced the incorporation of 6 new faces, including two drivers. Will Johanna San Miguel be face to face with Katia Palma?

Rebeca Escribens welcomes ‘EEG’. | Jazmín Marcos/Infobae Peru

A new season of ‘This Is War’ begins

As is customary, the popular ‘Mister G’ gave the official presentation of the reality competition that ranked first in primetime on Peruvian television for many years. ‘EEG 12′, is the name of this edition.

Which participants would enter Esto es Guerra 2024?

It is known that there are several members who will repeat the dish this year, such as Piero Arenas, Rafael Cardozo and Melissa Lozawhile this year’s alleged bombs would be Melissa Paredes, Anthony Aranda, Austin Palao, among others. However, according to sources Infobae Peru, The ex-couple would not join this premiere. The one who would return is Hugo Garciawho announced his retirement in 2022.

Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda ended their relationship. (Instagram)

How long have you been the winner of Esto es Guerra?

‘EEG: The Classic’ was the name given to the last season of This is wara space that ended on December 22, 2023. On this occasion, the victory was won by the ‘Combatants’, winning a juicy check of 40 thousand soles

Pancho Rodríguez, Melissa Loza, Said Palao, Alejandra Baigorria, Michelle Soiffer, Facundo Gonzales, Israel Dreyfus, Yojhan ‘Chevy’ Escamilo and Raúl Carpena were the happy winners of this enviable award. In 2022 they gave away 30 thousand soles, in 2023 they gave 40 thousand. This year it is expected to increase another 10 thousand soles.

This is Guerra returns with a season for its 12 years.

Who will be the new hosts of Esto es Guerra?

America TV launched an unexpected promotion that features Christian Rivero and Katia Palma like the new drivers of This is war. However, so far it has not been confirmed whether they will replace Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel or whether they will work together.

On what channel and at what time should you watch Esto es Guerra?

This is War 2024 It premieres this Tuesday, January 23 at 7 pm on the América Televisión signal. If you have Movistar TV you can watch the reality show through channel 4 and channel 704 (HD).

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This is war celebrates its 12 years broadcast this 2024. In the midst of great expectations, the America TV returns this Tuesday, January 23, with new figures and more than one surprise. As is known, during all its years of transmission, the reality show has managed to position itself as one of the most popular spaces in its schedule.

This time, This is war not only returns with new participants and unexpected returns, but also with the driving of Katia Palma and Christian Rivero. At least that’s how they let it be seen in their last announcement. To date it has not been confirmed whether the former members of Latin Television will replace Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel, or they will arrive to join in the conduct of the reality show.

Katia Palma talks about her possible entry into Esto es Guerra.

For its part, Katia Palma She made it clear that she was happy to have been summoned, avoiding giving more details about it. “I’m happy because it’s a program that people love, people have fun and I’m happy to work, that’s the important thing. If I am there it is for something. If they have called me, I feel it is for something, and I am happy to contribute. It is always contributing because people like the program, they hesitate, I am happy,” said the comedian.

Furthermore, it did not take long for a rumor to spread that Anthony Aranda He would be back in reality, like Austin Palao.

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